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1pm - Marques Colston [Q] - WR, NO - OUT (1 Viewer)

Inactives haven't been released, but I don't see Marques Colston being active. He's in a hat & tennis shoes and not participating in warmups
@LarryHolder: Marques Colston doesn't look like a guy who's playing today. Wide receivers working out. He's not.

Jets don't have to account for Saints WR Marques Colston today. He's officially inactive. #nyj
I picked up Moore this week and was planning to play him along side colston this week. With colston out I can't field a team and picked up Donnie Avery. FML.

Wasn't the preseason chatter that Toon would be Colston's replacement if the latter ever missed time, since Toon plays the same WR spot as Colston? I am not saying to pick him up and start him, but I won't be surprised if Toon plays quite a bit and gets a handful of targets.

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