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1st game you ever saw in person (1 Viewer)


Mine was Sept 16, 1979 Colts vs Browns at Cleveland. Toni Linhart missed several easy field goal attempts that day (in a 13-10 loss), and Robert Irsay gave him a raise after the game. He then cut him 4 days later. I remember getting hit in the back of the head with a whiskey bottle after the Colts blocked a punt and scored a TD to go ahead and I was making it known to Cleveland fans how happy I was :wink:. Ouch!!

I was 20 yrs old and went with a buddy of mine from Lexington, Ky to Cleveland for that game. He was 17. It was the best of times, and we were both big Bert Jones fans, but he was hurt that day :sad: and didn't play.

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Houston Oilers....Astrodome. I believe it was 1975 (or 6). "Astroturf" was cool then. The oilers scored a bunch so it was fun. I think they broke some team records on offense/st. We were treated to a really great game. As I recall Billy "white shoes" Johnson returned two kicks for td's. The fantastic TD celebration scoreboard thingy was awesome and lit up all several times. Did i mention it was in a Dome! Can you imagine?!?! Football...inside!

Nov. 24, 1991 - Lions' All-Pro running back Barry Sanders exploded for a team-record 220 yards and four TDs on the ground to lead Detroit to victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Sanders set personal and team highs for yards rushing and rushing touchdowns in a game. The Lions took advantage of six Viking turnovers to keep their record a perfect 8-0 in games played in domes this season. Detroit opened the scoring on a 17-yard touchdown run by Sanders. Minnesota tied the game when running back Darren Nelson connected with wide receiver Anthony Carter on a 25-yard touchdown pass. The second half was the "Barry Sanders Show" as he piled up 160 yards rushing and touchdown runs of 45, four and nine yards. Kicker Eddie Murray added a 50-yard field goal, his longest since 1989, to cap the Lions' scoring.

Was with my Father and Uncle at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

Sat in the open bleachers and saw Jim Brown run all over the Lions.

Season Date H/A Opponent W/L Cle. Opp. OT Postseason Link

1964 11/15 H Detroit Lions W 37 21 Read Story

Records 1-1 of 1

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November 20, 2005

My wife took me up to Cleveland Browns stadium on my birthday to see the Browns play the Dolphins. It was the first game that Charlie Frye ever played in for the Browns. Plus, it was when Nick Saban was the coach of the Dolphins. I'm sure two events both teams would like to forget. Great game though. The Browns shut the Dolphins out 22-0


I really don't know what my first game was. It may have been a Bengals/Lions preseason game as I was "treated" to many of those games when i was like 8-10 y/o. I remember seeing Jacksonville their expansion year and Minnesota was another. Was at a few more games but those were two games I definitely remember. Hoss you might know where I'm originally from then, you heard of Aurora, IN?

My family had season tickets in Tampa in 1980 and I saw the only tie in Buccaneers history. I'm pretty sure it was a 10-10 game against the Packers. I wasn't sure if I should be cheering or disappointed.

I'm still not sure, actually. But, unlike McNabb, I knew a tie was possible.

Final game of the 1981 season, the 1-14 Baltimore Colts beat the 2-13 New England Patriots 23-21 in Memorial Stadium. Saw two friends get in a fight in the parking lot, then climb into their car like nothing had happened. Awesome day.

Panthers vs. Steelers just before Christmas in 96.

Carolina was forced to defend the goalline in the waning seconds because Kerry Collins missed an open Wesley Walls for a game-clinching first down. The safety wrestles the ball out of the receivers hands (Ernie Mills?) in the endzone for the INT.

Panthers win the division title in their second year and the place goes crazy.

Snoozefest in Tampa, November 1999

Field goal battle, 12-6 i think against the Eagles

Best think about the game was the Steakhouse accross the road afterward

Also 3 days in Tampa beat the hell out of the other 11 days in Orlando

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I've got you all beat (in terms of quality):

PRO FOOTBALL; Elway's Drive II Kicks Out OilersBy MICHAEL MARTINEZ,Published: January 5, 1992Somewhere deep in his mind, John Elway must play these moments again and again, perhaps as much for pleasure as preparation. One day, he will need to rewind and repeat them.Five years after his most glorious moment with the Denver Broncos -- a 98-yard touchdown drive against the Cleveland Browns -- Elway engaged in heroics once more. This time, it brought the Broncos from behind to a 26-24 victory today over the stunned Houston Oilers and into the American Football Conference championship game.Elway marched the Broncos from their 2-yard line to the Oilers' 11, without the help of timeouts, converting two remarkable fourth-down plays to keep the drive in progress. Then David Treadwell kicked a 28-yard field goal in front of 75,301 at Mile High Stadium with 16 seconds left to end a game that reached its dramatic moments in the final two minutes."I'm numb; that's the biggest way to describe it," Broncos Coach Dan Reeves said afterward. "To overcome what we overcame was amazing."When you've got No. 7, anything is possible."It was Elway, No. 7 on his uniform but not always No. 1 among the Denver fans through his career, who brought them back. But it only came after the defense, unable to stop Oiler quarterback Warren Moon (27 for 36 passing, 325 yards) until his team's final possession, held firm.Still, it didn't look good. A punt put the ball at the Denver 2, and then Elway (19 for 33, 257 yards) jogged easily onto the field with a mile's worth of field ahead of him."The defense played great all day," said Elway, giving his teammates more credit than they may have earned. "I'm just thankful the offense could pick it up."Elway's two critically important plays came on fourth down, but there was also this: a 22-yard pass to Michael Young on the first play that moved the Broncos from deep in their own territory."The biggest play was the first one," Reeves said. "It gave us breathing room."Next: On a fourth-and-six play from the Denver 28, Elway scrambled for 7 yards. Then: On a fourth-and-10 from the Bronco 35 with 59 seconds left, he avoided a rush, stepped forward and found Vance Johnson, who adjusted his route, for 44 yards to the Oilers' 21."I was sitting in a zone defense," Johnson recalled. "When John scrambled out of the pocket, I drifted to the right and they just lost me. They were concentrating on trying to stop John." All DownhillFrom there, it almost looked easy. Steve Sewell ran for 10 yards to the 11, and Treadwell, who kicked a season-best 49-yarder in the third quarter, kicked the winner. But he had to overcome a low snap from center to the holder, Gary Kubiak."It came in a little low," said Treadwell. "Kube trapped it, then put it back up. I don't know that I adjusted, but I may have double-clutched."The comeback brought back memories of Elway's other great drive, a 15-play march in the 1986 conference championship against the Browns. It tied the game and allowed Elway to move the Broncos 60 more yards for a 23-20 victory.Did it bring back memories?"For me it did," Johnson said. "We aren't going to the Super Bowl with this win, but we are going to the A.F.C. championship game, which for me is just as important."By halftime, the Oilers were in front, 21-13, and their methodical run-and-shoot offense continually poked holes through Denver's defense.In four first-half possessions -- not including the last one, which was cut short by intermission -- the Oilers finished with three touchdowns and one interception of Moon.Moon's first drive of the clear but cold day was almost perfect: a 49-yard pass to Haywood Jeffires, an incompletion, a 6-yard run by Lorenzo White and the closer, a 15-yard pass to Jeffires in double coverage. Just like that, 7-0. Oilers Go Up, 14-0The second time he got the ball, Moon took his time. He used up 5 minutes 39 seconds, moved the Oilers 63 yards in 9 plays.It ended with a 9-yard touchdown pass to Drew Hill, who went uncovered virtually the length of the play.It was 14-0 now, but the Broncos finally began to move offensively. Of course, it didn't hurt that the Oilers were called three times for penalties measuring 25 yards in Denver's 65-yard drive, twice on third downs. Elway hit wide receiver Vance Johnson for a 10-yard touchdown pass, but the extra-point attempt missed when Kubiak was unable to put the ball down properly and David Treadwell kicked it wide to the left.Moon responded by taking Houston 80 yards with the help of a penalty on the Broncos that nullified an interception by free safety Steve Atwater.Moon completed three successive throws to wide receiver Curtis Duncan for 11, 3 and 6 yards, the last one giving Houston a 21-6 lead.Atwater's interception of a Moon pass at the Bronco 12, though, allowed Elway to move his team 88 yards for its second touchdown near the end of the half. He converted a third-down pass to Michael Young that put the ball at the Oilers' 34, then followed it with a 23-yarder to Ricky Nattiel.Finally, from the 1, running back Greg Lewis pushed his way across the goal line, and it was 21-13.
1967 St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Steelers @ Pitt Stadium. The Steelers lost by a couple TDs

Kent Nix was the Steelers QB and was awful but he threw a TD pass to my favorite Steeler at the time, WR Roy Jeffereson.

1st ever was a preseason game in Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia SC. The Redskins vs the Jets. It was kinda boring, probably because it was preseason.

My 1st real game was the Panthers 1st real game ever in the Georgia Dome, 1995 I think. I remember the place seemed like it was half full because we went to the very top for awhile where we could sit on the top row and smoke. Anyway we worked our way down to the lower level by tre 4th quarter and when Richt hit, I think it was, Metzalars(sp), to tie the game in the final minutes my buddy spilled his liquor drink all over a couple of Falcons fans in front of us. They were pissed but it was funny as hell. We had to apologize on his behalf. The Falcons won the toss and in 3 plays were in field goal range where Morton Anderson ended the game.

That was the conclusion to one of my best sports weekends ever as the day before I was in Athens to see USC vs Georgia. That was Robert Edwards coming out party in college. He went for well over 200 yards and scored 5 TDS. Both of my teams lost that weekend but the memories were priceless.

Houston Oilers vs Cincinatti Bengals in the Astrodome. Don't remember the date, but I do remember Oilers went for it on 4th and 1, Dan Pastorini did a play action fake and hit Kenny Burroughs over the top for a TD. Pretty cool.

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I don't remember what year it was but it was a preseason game at Metropolitan Stadium - Vikings vs Redskins.

Tarkenton to Rashad for a long TD.

Billy Kilmer started for the Redskins.

I was probably eight years old or so - mid to late 1970's.

I am a Dolphins fan living in PA and I wanted to see Marino play before he retired. So my buddy and I went to foxboro to catch the dolphins/pats game. I was pissed because the 3rd or so series of the game, D. Huard came running out and there was no word why. I thought Jimmy Johnson benched marino becuase there was some arguing on the sidelines. Turned out Marino got hurt and didn't return....... D Huard led the dolphins from behind to throw a winning TD pass with 5 seconds left. My 2nd game was when I went to buffalo and got hit with 20+ inches of snow during the game(after halftime). That experience alone was the most memoriable trip todate.

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I can remember my grandpa taking me to an Eagles game somewhere around 1979. Eagles whipped an over-matched Cardinals team (but weren't the Cards ALWAYS over-matched?) Details escape me now.

The Lions at the old Tiger Stadium on a Monday night in blizzard conditions. :popcorn:

The Lions were losing by 2 with 50 seconds left at their own 20 with no time outs.

They drove all the way down the field and Errol Mann missed a 24 yard FG. :lmao:

Snoozefest in Tampa, November 1999Field goal battle, 12-6 i think against the EaglesBest think about the game was the Steakhouse accross the road afterwardAlso 3 days in Tampa beat the hell out of the other 11 days in Orlando
Hmm. I don't think you remember this one too well. The Bucs did play the Eagles in 99, but the game was in Philadelphia. Donovan McNabb's debut. The Bucs D was fierce that year and they kicked the crap out of Donovan the entire game.That was the year they lost to the "Greatest Show on Turf" in the NFCC, but held the Rams to 11 points.
Dec. 4th, 1988

Dallas @ Cleveland in the old Municipal Stadium.

Still lived in Ohio at the time and attended the game with a bunch of Browns fans buddies. I was the only Cowboys fan among us. The Cowboys were really bad that year (finishing 3-13), but were ahead at halftime and really beat them statistically but ultimately lost 24-21. Bernie Kosar starred for the Browns while Herschel Walker ran roughshod over them (25-134-1). Steve Pelluer QB'd the Cowboys. As it turned out, it would be Tom Landry's last season as head coach. Look at those penalties! No wonder they lost.


First downs 22 16

Rush-yards-TDs 32-163-1 20-27-0

Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 20-32-247-2-0 19-27-308-3-0

Sacked-yards 0-0 5-33

Net pass yards 247 275

Total yards 410 302

Fumbles-lost 2-1 1-1

Turnovers 1 1

Penalties-yards 17-142 9-60

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Houston Oilers at the Cleveland Browns when I was a kid in the early 80's. I sat behind a support beam in that mistake of a stadium.

I remember watching the scoreboard for Steeler game updates. Steelers won, can't remember who won between Houston and Cleveland.

Rams-Chargers, October 1979 at the LA Coliseum. Chargers won 40-16. I was 8 at the time, so I don't remember a ton, but I do remember Fouts hitting John Jefferson with a bomb for a touchdown and thinking that was cool, and that the Rams turned the ball over a lot. I also remember really liking the lightning bolts on the Chargers uniforms, and Jefferson became one of my favorite players after that game. I also remember that it was a really nice, sunny day (what a surprise in SoCal in October).

Interesting to note that the Chargers later thumped Pittsburgh 35-7, as the Rams and Steelers would go on to play in Super Bowl XIV (the second game I ever saw in person).

Alabama vs. Auburn Legion Field, Birmingham AL. 11/26/77...Roll Tide Roll.....never been to an NFL game.......

I've got you all beat (in terms of quality):
I'm not sure about that. I was 9 years old. My little sister fell asleep at the game. I don't think I realized the greatness of this game until much later.October 17, 1983: Green Bay 48, Washington 47By Drew MitchellABC Sports OnlineOn a chilly October night in 1983, Lambeau Field turned into an offensive wonderland. The Green Bay Packers (3-3) and Washington Redskins (5-1) lit up Monday Night Football that evening with the show's greatest scoring explosion ever. The teams combined for 95 points, 771 yards passing and 254 yards on the ground. And though they posted 10 fewer first downs than the Redskins' 33, coach Bart Starr's Packers held on for a 48-47 win. Joe Theismann holds Redskin team records in pass yardage, completions and attempts. Green Bay entered the game with the worst defense in the NFL, and it showed. Washington quarterback Joe Theismann completed 27 of 39 passes for 398 yards and two touchdowns. John Riggins rushed 25 times for 98 yards and two scores, while Joe Washington added 80 yards on 16 carries and a pair of touchdown receptions. The Redskins defense also struggled, as the Packers averaged an incredible 9.1 yards a play. Green Bay quarterback Lynn Dickey connected on 22 of 30 passes for 387 yards and three scores, and even running back Eddie Lee Ivery completed a 35-yard pass. Oddly enough, the Packers defense put up the game's first points. Just over a minute into the game, linebacker Mike Douglass jarred the ball loose from Washington and sprinted 22 yards for a 7-0 Packers lead.The Redskins tied the game with a fumble recovery of their own. Heading for an apparent touchdown, Riggins dropped the ball at the 1-yard line. But tight end Clint Didier pounced on the ball in the end zone for the score. Green Bay's Jan Stenerud and Washington's Mark Moseley traded field goals before the end of the first quarter to knot the game at 10. The second quarter belonged to Green Bay tight end Paul Coffman, who connected with Dickey on scoring plays of 36 and 9 yards. A 1-yard Riggins touchdown run and 28-yard Moseley field goal sandwiched Coffman's last score. The Packers took a 24-20 lead to the locker room. The Packers added a touchdown on their first drive of the second half (no surprise), but their 31-20 lead didn't last for long. The Redskins scored the next 13 points on two Moseley field goals and a Theismann-to-Washington 6-yard pass play. Washington's 33-31 edge lasted a scant 25 seconds, as Gary Lewis' 2-yard touchdown run propelled Green Bay to a 38-33 lead. Riggins answered with a 1-yard plunge for a 40-38 Redskins advantage.And then the game got exciting.First, the Packers took a 47-45 lead midway through the quarter on fullback Mike Meade's 31-yard touchdown catch. Then the Redskins mounted a 72-yard, nine-play drive culminating in Washington's 5-yard touchdown reception. 'Skins, 47-45.The ball doesn't change hands this often in a tennis match.With 2:50 remaining, the question was not would the Packers score, but would they leave the Redskins enough time to retake the lead? It seemed only the game clock could stop either team.The fifth and final lead change of the fourth quarter was set up when Dickey hit Gerry Ellis in the right flat and the fullback took off on a 56-yard catch-and-run play. Miraculously, Washington kept Green Bay out of the end zone. But Stenerud hit a 20-yard field goal with 54 seconds to go, giving Green Bay a 48-47 lead.The game was not over yet.The Redskins took the ensuing kickoff and moved 55 yards in six plays, including three completions to Washington. Moseley was primed to be the hero in front of 55,255 and a national television audience, but his 39-yard attempt slipped by the right upright with just three seconds left.The Lambeau faithful erupted into a joyous frenzy, one of the few highlights in a mediocre 8-8 season.The Redskins suffered their second one-point loss of the season. Those slim losses were the only thing standing between them and a perfect regular season. Washington didn't lose another game until the Los Angeles Raiders demolished them 38-9 in Super Bowl XVIII.
With my Dad at old RFK stadium (it wasn't so old at the time) in 1966 to see the highest score game of all time:

Redskins 72

Giants 41

since it was my first game, at the time i didn't think it was so unusual.

first game Super Bowl XV- Eagles vs Raiders

Despite being a SuperBowl was meh experience overall. We got cheap seats (wanna say $40) in the upper deck. Despite being small, my dad 5'8' was and I'm still not that tall (14 then), the seats were so close together we uncomfortable. Of course, it did not help that some 6'3 ish generic NFL player was next us shifting all game. My Dad nor I gave darn about either team, I am from Texas. We had family in New Orleans who lived close enough where we walked to the game. Unless you were a Raiders fan , despite being an upset, it was :no: a game.

I don't remember when or who the other team was. Municipal Stadium sometime in the 80's. Ozzie Newsome made a diving catch in the end zone for a touchdown.

CIrca 1988 - The yuckkiners came to town and pounded on the Patriots. I think there were 7,000 people there.

Oct. 25, 1981

Chicago Bears 20, San Diego Chargers 17 OT

played at Soldier Field - I was 11yrs. old.

My dad took me to see the underdog 1-6 Bears at home taking on the 5-2 Chargers. Ditka wasn't the head coach yet, but Buddy Ryan was the defensive coordinator (and when Neil Anderson was fired after the '81 season several leaders from the defense pleaded with "papa bear" George Halas to retain Ryan, rather than to allow Ditka to choose his own defensive coordinator). I didn't know it at the time but came to find out several years later, that this game that I attended was also the genesis of the 46 defense, as Buddy Ryan sought a way to confuse & harass Fouts and slow down the high flying Chargers offense, and it worked too... The Chargers were held to a Field Goal up until the 4th Qtr. and the Bears managed to hang on and win the game in OT. This game was also HOF MLBer Mike Singletary's 1st home start (if not the first start of his career). Although he made the unforgiveable rookie mistake of calling a defensive timeout in the 1st half, and for that Buddy Ryan benched him for the remainder of the game.

Hard to fathom nowadays, but I actually wore Chargers paraphenalia to Soldier Field that day. However, when the game was over and the Bears victorious; I was as happy as the rest of the Bears fans who braved the cold that day (was below freezing temps even though it was the weekend before Halloween). It was a great 1st game for me as a kid and a huge upset victory at the time for the Bears. I no longer root for the Chargers, and I'm thoroughly a Chicago homer, but I do still have particular players that I root for around the league (much like I rooted for Fouts/Winslow/Joiner/Muncie Etc. as a kid), but back then the Bears were usually a pretty mediocre to bad NFL team, with no offensive talent outside of the late great Walter Payton; so I make no apologies for adopting the San Diego Chargers of the late 70's/early 80's as my 'other' favorite team. Air Coryell was a blast to watch and was the polar opposite of the Bears conservative offensive philosophy.

Not that many will care, but I vividly remember the beginnings of my love affair with the Chargers of that era when watching a MNF game with my old man, between the Raiders and Chargers back in '79 or '80; complete with Howard Cosell's colorful commentary (I think he hated the Raiders too, so Howard & I both seemed to be pulling for the Chargers, lol) and the halftime highlights from around the league, which was an incredibly big deal back then in the days before ESPN and NFL Network highlights and 24/7 NFL coverage. Anyways, the Chargers had ridiculous talent at the offensive skill positions, a mad scientist of an offensive minded head coach in Don "AIR" Coryell, and some of the best looking uniforms of all time. As a kid raised on the "Payton-Payton-Punt" vanilla offense of the Bears, I really enjoyed watching and rooting for those Dan fouts led Chargers teams. Good times...

Falcons-Dolphins at Fulton County Stadium in 1980. Falcons lost 20-17 after leading 17-3 in the 4th.

9/27/98 Vikings(31) @ Bears(28)

Erik Kramer throws for 370 and 4 TD's, rookie Randy Moss catches a 40 yard TD pass from Randall Cunningham. Vikings go on to win 15 games. Pretty good show...

First game: January 1999, AFC Wildcard game, Bills @ Titans

Friend of mine worked for the Titans, so he got us six tickets on the 13th row in Adelphia. Four of his friends and his parents. "Stop me if you've heard it," but Bills drive and hit a field goal with nine seconds left. Friend's parents left so they could "beat the traffic." We stayed. Kick off, Neal to Wycheck, Wycheck to Dyson - and the Music City Miracle is in the history books. And I've loved NFL football ever since....

October 29, 1989: Chiefs at Steelers

Mike Webster returned to Pittsburgh for the first time after leaving the Steelers. He got a standing ovation when his name was announced during starting lineups. The immortal one - Bubby Brister - threw two TDs to Louis Lipps as the Steelers won 23-17.

It is very hard to believe that has been almost 20-years ago.

Don't specifically remember my first, as I was like 9 or 10, and went to 2 Bills games a year from about 89-95 (Thanks dad), but my most memorable game was the Music City Miracle. Was a strange aura. The fans were so new to football, it was like they didn't know they shouldn't like us Bills fans. Great stadium. Great city. GREAT blocking by Thurman Thomas on Javon Kearse. Great go-ahead drive by Rob Johnson.

Early in the game, there were many "E ... Dee!" chants from the Tennessee crowd. The Bills' fans picked up on this, and once they started shutting down Eddie George, the Bills fans were chanting it with every stuffed run.

After Rob Johnson's go-ahead drive the Bills fans in the visitor section were singing "Shout," going absolutely nuts. Well, then, there was the next kickoff... Typical Buffalo sports. Anyway, I remember going downtown after the game, and it was a pretty cool area. In fact, I seem to remember catching a Lions vs. Redskins game at a bar. Was that the only Lions playoff game?

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