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2 Keeper Question (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR 2 keepers...i have the 10th pick and im looking to keep 2 out of the 3...

javonte williams for a 5th

rashaad penny for a 15th

josh allen for a 3rdim kinda thinking keeping both backs and just grab allen in the 2nd rd?...both guys below me already have qbs theyre keeping...what are your guys thoughts?



I am leaning towards Allen and Williams.  If I am going to pick him in round 2, I would just keep him for that 3rd round pick.   I know Penny would be value being a round 15, and he's valued for around 10th rounder...  I do love Allen a lot, and my estimate is that he's going to be gone prior to round 3, thus my feeling would be to keep him.  



At best if healthy the lead back in a run first offense. At worst part of a RBBC. 
That was much more optimistic than my thoughts.  His retirement was expected by me so had no bearing on Penny/Walker evals.   



Penny is on one of the worst teams in the NFC.  Line is bad as is QB options.  Penny has a history of not staying healthy.  No more Wilson to keep teams honest.  Competition with rookie Walker.  I'd keep Walker and Allen.


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