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2 Keeper ?s - Need 1 QB and 2 WRs (1 Viewer)


Scoring - 1pt PPR, All TDs are 6pts, 1 pt per 10 yrd passing/rushing/receiving, bonuses for 300 yds passing & 100 yrd receiving/rushing

QB Keeper - Dak or Josh Allen

Dak won't have as many rushing yards as Allen, but Allen won't have as many passing yards as Dak - this is a tough one for me

Need 2 WR Keepers out of these three - Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, or Keenan Allen

I know Thomas is hurt and depending on who starts in NO, could impact his numbers this year.  But Keenan also has an injury history, but with Hunter gone, will there be more targets available.  At first glance, it seems Evans is the first obvious keeper, but will his targets go down with all of the options they have and Antonio there for a full year.  Godwin, Brown, Bernard, Gronk, Miller, and Howard back...that's a lot of mouths to feed.

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Assuming no penalty for keepers here is my recommendation:  

No need to mess around with Dak and the risk of not being healthy.  Just go with Allen and sleep tight.

Also, I wouldn't even think about drafting Thomas let along wasting a keeper pick on him.  He has no interest in playing football anymore and isn't worth the hassle.  I think you overestimate a lot of those so called "mouths" in TB.  Don't overthink this, just go with the known over the unknown and sleep like a baby letting other people deal with the headaches.  



I agree with Mozeta on this. 
Dak will more than likely start off slow and I don’t trust McCarthy to put Dak in good situations. 

Thomas is on his way out of NO and we don’t even know when he will be back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play at all this season.  
In conclusion, keep:

J. Allen, Evans, and K. Allen



This is a really easy decision on all fronts.  Cut Dak and Thomas.  

However, before you do that I would see if there are any trade opportunities to improve your roster or gain draft picks as I am sure those guys are better keepers than some of the teams in your league have.  


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