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2 managers needed. 16 team 1/2pt PPR dynasty, MFL, 9th year - $105 annual (1 Viewer)


Gauntlet Dynasty League in its 9th year has a rare 2 spots open. Annual fee is $100 (50% remaining balance from previous year + 50% deposit for next year) + $5 MFL fee. Completion of the future year's payment is required to draft future picks. Dispersal draft for the two replacement managers.

Roster spots as follows:

100% of money goes back into the player pot. $960 of the $1600 goes to first ($650), second ($210), and third place ($100), all voted on by majority. $160 will go to the Dynasty Pot every year and $480 will be divided between three separate side pots divided into equal $160 pots.

Side Pots are:

Best Regular Season Record - $160

High point total (season) - $160

One-week high-score - $160

Please email marinerlangley@yahoo.com if interested or reply to this thread with your contact info.
can you link me to the page and which teams are the vacant ones?
Has all the draft picks for this year and 2025.

Has all 2025 draft picks.

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