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2 Open Teams in 12 Team Dynasty League - $75 (1 Viewer)


We have two openings in a 12 team PPR/6pts all TDs league with Developmental Players. The league is entering it's 5th year.

League Home

League Bylaws

Once both spots are filled, I will have the order randomized between the two teams. It will go 1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1 and so on. Rookie and developmental draft picks will be available as part of the dispersal draft.

Available players

Bradford, Sam STL QB

Gabbert, Blaine JAC QB

Manning, Peyton DEN QB

Ponder, Christian MIN QB

Sanchez, Mark NYJ QB

Smith, Alex SFO QB

Bush, Reggie MIA RB

Forte, Matt CHI RB

Foster, Arian HOU RB (P)

Hardesty, Montario CLE RB

Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB

Rainey, Chris FA RB

Choice, Tashard BUF RB

* Lattimore, Marcus FA RB

Gray, Cyrus KCC RB

Green-Ellis, BenJarvus CIN RB

Hunter, Kendall SFO RB

McGahee, Willis DEN RB

Rice, Ray BAL RB

Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL RB

Tolbert, Mike CAR RB

Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR

Bryant, Dez DAL WR

Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR

Tate, Golden SEA WR

Wallace, Mike PIT WR

Wayne, Reggie IND WR

Cobb, Randall GBP WR

Hill, Stephen NYJ WR

Jones, Jacoby BAL WR

Moss, Randy SFO WR

Moss, Santana WAS WR

Ogletree, Kevin DAL WR

Roberts, Andre ARI WR

Sanders, Emmanuel PIT WR

Washington, Nate TEN WR

Allen, Dwayne IND TE

Gonzalez, Tony ATL TE

Green, Ladarius SDC TE

Miller, Heath PIT TE

Watson, Ben CLE TE

Housler, Robert ARI TE

Pitta, Dennis BAL TE

Bears, Chicago CHI Def

Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def

Titans, Tennessee TEN Def

Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def

1.01 Rookie Pick

1.01 Developmental Pick

1.10 Rookie Pick

1.10 Developmental Pick

If you've never played in a developmental league before, feel free to ask questions. It's a blast.

Developmental Player - Each team will also hold the rights to one (unless another player is acquired via a trade for developmental picks or another player) NCAA player while that player is a part of the NCAA. Each August, there will be a one round draft. It will be based on the prior year standings, with the worst record holding the first pick. However, the first season, there will be NO DEVELOPMENTAL DRAFT as the players are included in the initial draft. Following the close of a season, a developmental player drafted in the prior year can be moved from the taxi squad to your roster anytime before the NFL draft. You must make a decision to move the player to your roster or drop him into the rookie pool anytime prior to two weeks before the rookie draft.. At this date, you must move the player to the taxi squad or drop him into the rookie pool. (The rookie draft will essentially be a supplemental draft including all players who have not yet been claimed as developmental players.) Teams can ONLY draft a junior or senior each season (or NFL draft eligible players that may be sophomores).

If a junior is seleted and the player does not declare for the NFL draft following the season, a team may either use this player as the next season's developmental pick, drop him into the developmental player pool or move the player to his roster from the taxi squad and select a second developmental player.

There can be no free agent activity involving these players during the season or off-season. You may include one developmental player on your taxi squad who will not be considered a member of the 23-man roster. Owners have the ability to trade developmental draft picks and players two year's in advance. If an additional player is required via trade, you may choose to drop your current developmental player and place the acquired player on your taxi squad, or you can drop a player on your 23 man roster and include the new player there. Essentially, your taxi squad max is one developmental player. All additional players acquired must be added to your active roster.
Please PM me or email me with interest at doowain9999@yahoo.com
Dwayne, I'd be willing to take over a team. However I am out of town on vacation and couldn't start drafting until Monday afternoon. I am Dead Souls in BB4 and in You Just Got Owned.Thanks

You are such a salesman highlighting Lattimore's name!I don't play in this league but I play in another league commished by Dewayne. There are only a couple commishes I trust without LeagueSafe and he is one of them. Top notch

You are such a salesman highlighting Lattimore's name!I don't play in this league but I play in another league commished by Dewayne. There are only a couple commishes I trust without LeagueSafe and he is one of them. Top notch
Did you keep the previous owners league fees or is this a discount?
Retiring or Quitting OwnersIn the event that an owner leaves the league, it will be determine if they left in "good-standing". Good-standing is defined as giving notice of leaving at least one (1) month prior to the NFL draft. Each year the draft date changes, so the deadline will change as well. This will provide an opportunity to find a new owner in time for the rookie draft. If an owner drops out after this deadline, they will forfeit any money they have paid towards the new season. This money will be used as a "discount" for the incoming owner. If the season has been paid in full, the new owner will play that year for free, but will be required to pay for half of the next year in advance. We don't want an owner coming in, playing for free, and then leaving after that year. Incoming owners may be offered a discount to join the league based upon the "condition" of the vacant team. Any decision to offer a discount will be voted on by the league. Regardless of whether an owner leaves in good standing, they are not entitled to a refund of the deposit they paid to the current year from the previous year's fees. That "deposit" is non-refundable. Only monies paid above and beyond this deposit are subject to refund.

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