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2 QB, PPR, 10/12 Team, Live Auction Draft Monday Night, $150 1st (1 Viewer)

Join the Primo's Hoagie Bowl - A competitive league, that flips the script on the quarterback position by making it relevant again.

Looking for at least 10, possibly 12 teams. We already have 4 owners.

We will be using Yahoo! Fantasy Sports since they allow for fractional points, unlike ESPN. As you probably know, weekly match-ups can and do come down to a one or two point difference, so every yard/catch/point counts.

Draft will be a live auction on Yahoo!, held Monday night at 9PM EST. I chose auction because it's more fun, and it forces owners to use draft dollars wisely, while at the same time giving you the chance to get the players you want which is not possible in a standard snake draft if you get an unfavorable spot.

If you are interested, send me an email at dwmcalee@yahoo.com. I will then send you an invitation to sign up at Yahoo.

$25 entrance fee with the following prizes:

$150 First Place Prize (League Champion)
$50 Second Place Prize (Runner Up)
$50 Total Points Winner (Leader at end of regular season)

I will accept either Paypal or set up an account with LeagueSafe, which accepts Visa/MC but charges a small fee, so tell me your preference in the email. If you can't pay the fees within 12 hours of the draft you may lose your spot in the league, so don't be "That Guy." Usually people who are willing to put up an entrance fee are dedicated owners, and that's what I'm looking for.

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