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2 Yahoo Leagues. Check it out! Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone!

I have two Yahoo leagues that I am recruiting for. I have been running them for over 5 years and most people in the league I have been playing with even longer. 

Both leagues money is held in a leaguesafe account. Dues will have to be paid before an invite to the league will be sent. We do have a Facebook chat for each league if you wanted to keep in touch/ trash talk.

The first league is a Standard scoring 10 man league. It is $100 buy in. Payouts are customized with bonuses to keep the league competitive all year. (Please see attached constitution for payout details). It is a one man keeper league, QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, K, DEF, W/R/T flex, and we run $100 FAAB budget for free agents. 6 Team playoff (14,15,16), top 2 teams get buy weeks. 6 man bench. Please see attached constitution for all details for this league.

The second league I have is a 10 man 1 point PPR league. Redraft, QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, K, DEF, W/R/T flex, reverse order waivers (open to FAAB if all agree). 7 bench players (open to changing to 6)

Both leagues have draft order chosen by place finished the previous year. Champ gets 1st choice of draft position etc. 

Some managers play in both leagues. Turnover is low. Only 1-2 at most a year.

Please email me at amelchor502@yahoo.com for any questions!

Standard League constitution 





Champ in the $100 league also receives all bonuses from teams that don’t make playoffs. Last two champs averaged over $500 with bonuses. Champ also gets 1st choice of draft position the following year. 

The PPR ($50) league is a straight payout. 350 and 150 for 1st and 2nd. 



I’m willing to pay 10% of dues for all new teams. Limited time only!

So main league is $90 instead of 100

PPR is $45 instead of $50

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