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$20 Survivor Pool on MySuperPicks - Winner Take All (1 Viewer)


This is the 3rd year I've run this survivor pool and it's gone pretty well so I'm firing it up again. It's hosted on MySuperPicks.com. Returning players from last season do not need to rejoin - just log into MySuperPicks and you'll see the Wasioja Knockout survivor pool. 

New players can join by clicking the Join a League button on the home page and entering the league ID158 and the password: football

Pay your entry fee on LeagueSafe https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3872589

Any questions feel free to email me directly aleisen2@gmail.com

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Here's an update to answer a few questions that I've received. Full rules and FAQ are here

1.) You can pick each NFL team only once during the season. Once you use a team, they become grayed out on the schedule and the site will not allow you to pick them again. 

2.) It's winner take all. Someday it may pay 2nd or 3rd place but for 2018, you will win the entire pot if you are the final player remaining. 

3.) You can submit your pick up until game time. Picks don't lock until the kick-off of each game. All picks are time-stamped and a copy is emailed to you. 

Payout is up to $440 for the winner with 2 days left to join. People are still trickling in so it could potentially get over $500. Click here for full league rules and Survivor FAQ.

Payment Deadline: 11:59 PM CST – Thursday, Sept 6, 2018. I can actually accept late payments but LeagueSafe will charge a late fee if you do.

I also have a $50 Pick’em you can join on MySuperPicks.com. The league is in its 9th year. Click here for full Pick'em league rules and FAQ

It’s up to 64 paid players with a total payout currently over $3,000 and growing. You can still join through the weekend. Pay entry fee on LeagueSafe.com https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3871150


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