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$200 14 team hybrid keeper (started in 2006) Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


100% payout after $80 for MFL



been going since 2006

$200 NORMAL PRICE per team

Unique rules allow you to turn a team around in year 1

You decide who to keep on the following rosters.

1) 14 owners with a 20 player maximum roster

2) Keeper League:  0 to 9 players can be kept each year

3)  Round 1 and 2 rule: players drafted in rounds 1 and 2 can not be kept from year to year with the exception being that an incoming NFL rookie who is drafted in our  round 1 can be kept for a total of 4 years

4) Lineup

Total Starters:  10
Number of Starting QBs:  1
Number of Starting RBs:  2-3
Number of Starting WRs:  3-4
Number of Starting TEs:  1-2
Number of Starting PKs:  1
Number of Starting Defs:  1

5) The pool for the first round of the draft each year is limited to only rounds 1 and 2 from the previous year + any rookies incoming (the rookies can be kept for 4 total years if taken in round 1).   This allows multiple strategies for round 1.

6) Round 2's (and on) pool is open to any free agents.

7) Draft is done NFL style (this allows the worst teams to get better much more quickly).

8) Each player, if kept for the following year, occupies a keeper slot in the draft. Keepers' round values are decremented (a round 3 will become a round 2, etc) each year.

9) Round 2 can’t be kept: Once a player becomes a round 2 - that would be their final year since round 2 (and round 1 obviously) can not be kept.

10) FA pickups during the season can only be kept for a maximum of 10 total years (pickup year + 9 more) --- The following year after a pickup they are a ROUND 10 value.

11) Schedule: You play each team once (13 weeks) for the regular season.

12) Playoffs: 8 teams make the playoffs (weeks 14 - 16). 

13) 1 time “owner” kitty fee --  Each team has a 1 time $50 fee to cover discounted teams.  Even though this league has some unique rules that make it a lot of fun – there is always going to be 20% attrition or roughly 3 teams available each year.  This format is rather intimidating for a lot of FF players and sometimes the deserted teams look rather bad (even though the format allows a quick ascension).



I'm interested, but wondered which teams might be available.  Can sort of guess based on comments and activity, but I might screw that up.



I had a rather late start this year and we are scrambling a little;

Not an easy league to commish;

GONE Mile High -- drafts 4th 


(most likely available)

MOST LIKELY GONE . Team 3 -- drafts 5th (remember NFL style)

Only team left for sure--- Red dragon -drafts 8th

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