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$200 14 team League on ESPN - PPR - Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


I am looking for more people to join this 14 team league
$200 entry via leaguesafe

PPR, 6 pts per Passing TD
No Kickers


Payouts are:
1st - $1300
2nd - $700
3rd - $400
4th - $200

Most 'Points For' in regular season - $200

email Freezang_@Hotmail.com to join

check here to see other leagues I have open see this link www.tinyurl.com/openleagues to join as well



I'm sure we will be alright.

I've never had much problem filling leagues. And with all of the people in the 96 team leagues, I'm sure more will sign up once its closer to the season.

I still have 80 of 220 participants from last years 96 team leagues that haven't even responded yet on if they are joining cause people just aren't in football mode yet until August hits.

Same with these message boards, they don't get much viewing action until then either



all spots are filled

would take more people for waitlist if someone doesnt pay or bails.

If i get enough waitlist people will make another...exact same league


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