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$200 Indiviual 12 team with FFPC /FG Players Champion Rules (1 Viewer)


FFPC/ FOOTBALLGUYS PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP is a great setup. (http://footballguys.com/fpc_overview.php)

Now you can play an individual league with the same rules!

12 team league with $200 Buy IN (+$7.50 myfantasyleague fee)

Draft: Monday, Sept. 2nd at 8pm EST


20 man rosters - No trades

1 qb

2 rb

2 wr

2 flex

1 te

1 d/st


This is a ppr league with tight ends getting 1.5 pts per reception and all other players 1 point per reception.

QB = 1 pt per 20 yards, 4 pt passing TD, -1 int

RB/WR = 1 pt per reception, 1 pt. per 10 yards, 6 pt rushing/receiving TD

TE = 1.5 pt per reception, 1 pt. per 10 yards, 6 pt rushing/receiving TD


6 teams will make the playoffs and playoffs start week 14.

Week 14: Top 2 seeds will get byes. Seeds 3 and 4 will be regular season teams that finish 3rd and 4th and seeds 5 and 6 will be the remaining 2 teams with the highest total points during regular season. Winners advance.

Week 15 and 16: Weeks 15 and 16 are not head to head buy total points for those two weeks. These points will be combined with the average score of the team during the regular season to come up with league champ.


Regular Season #1 Seed: $150

Regular Season Highest Points: $150

1ST: $1150

2nd: $650

3rd: $300

League will be managed by Myfantasyleague.com and funds held with leaguessafe. Payment due within 5 days of signing up.

Email atl3695 (at) yahoo (dot) com for an invite or questions


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