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2007+ College Football Rankings-Future NFL Players (1 Viewer)


Defensive Players from draft. Anyone missing? Any help would be appreciated. 45 total rounds. Get to keep college player if they make it to the NFL.

Never too early to look at future NFL players.


1 Quentin Moses DE Georgia

2 Lawrence Jackson DE USC

3 Gaines Adams DE Clemson

4 Tim Crowder DE Texas

5 Jarvis Moss DE Florida

6 Dan Bazuin DE Cent Michigan

7 Adam Carriker DE Nebraska

8 Maurice Evans DE Penn State

9 Steve Davis DE Minnesota


1 Paul Posluszny LB Penn State

2 Patrick Willis LB Ole Mis

3 Lamar Woodley LB Michigan

4 Ahmad Brooks LB Virginia

5 Brandon Siler LB Florida

6 HB Blades LB Pittsburgh

7 Rufus Alexander LB Oklah

8 Sergio Kindle LB Texas

9 Dan Connor LB Penn State

10 Brian Toal LB Boston

11 Jeremy Jones LB UTEP

12 Keith Rivers LB USC

13 Vince Hall LB VA Tech

14 Corey McKeon LB Nebraska

15 Brandon Spikes LB Florida

16 Marcus Freeman LB Ohio State

17 Brandon Graham LB Michigan

18 Buster Davis LB Florida St

19 Anthony Watters LB Clemson


1 LaRon Landry S LSU

2 Myron Rolle S Florida St

3 Taylor Mays S USC

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