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2009 Calendar of Events (1 Viewer)


January 10-11 - AFC and NFC Divisional Playoffs

January 17 - East vs West Shrine Game

January 18 - AFC and NFC Championship Games

February 1 - Super Bowl XLIII, Tampa, Florida

February 8 - Pro Bowl, Honolulu, Hawaii

February 18-24 - NFL Scouting Combine

February 27 - Free agency begins

March 22-25 - NFL Annual Meeting, Dana Point, California

Late March/Early April - 2009 NFL schedule announced

April 25-26 - NFL Draft, New York City

Early May - Patriots rookie minicamp (exact dates TBD)

May 18-20 - NFL Spring Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Early June - Minicamp (exact dates TBD)

Late July - Training camp begins (exact dates TBD)

Feel free to correct this or add dates...I find this helpful to know.


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