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2009 Fantasy Mock Draft (1 Viewer)

That earlier return makes me not want any part of picks 1-6/7 in a redraft. I would rather get a couple of my top 15 or so players than take the gambles offered at the high end of the board.

Turner is my #2 at this point and almost the top guy in my book. He will get the rock a ton and that offense is going to only get better with talent on that team.

The article does a great job of telling why Jones-Drew will be a good pick. I think some owners will be leary of him and the extra work load. Good example is that MB3 did not handle his change this year very well.

I love Brees but this coming year he will get taken higher than he should because someone thinks he can repeat what he has done this year. Like the article states there will be some good values in the 2nd rd for QB and WR. If I get a shot at P. Manning in the second round I would be doing cartwheels after that pick. Wayne, A-Gonzo and Dallas clark are very solid core of pass catchers for him.


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