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2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.) (1 Viewer)



BassNBrew vs Sinrman

TeamRamrod vs Jeter 23

Fullback Fro v Dpeease

FUBAR v Valence

Duckboy v Nugget

Football Critic v Broadway G

Norseman v Stinkin Ref

Gamma1210 v Krsone21

Ghost of Bill Walsh v Commuterman

Duckboy v Fullback Fro

Jeter23 v Shadowfax

Domination v Shadowmaster

Krsone21 v Helltoupee

Congrats to Fro, Jeter, Duckboy, and Krsone21 as the 4 who managed to get two teams in the finals.

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David Yudkin

To illustrate just HOW PUTRID my squad was this year . . .

- I rank 208th out of 208 survivor league teams, having scored 75 fewer points than the #207 team.

- In 3 weeks, I scored 0 points at the RB spot. The last week I had 2 RBs score points was in WEEK 2.

- I had only 1 WR score in 3 weeks. One week I scored a total of 3.6 points from WRs.

- 2 weeks I scored 0 points at TE.

- I have 8 guys that went on IR. I have 6 players that scored under 10 points on the season.

- I scored under 100 points in 10 weeks.

Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB

Tebow, Tim DEN QB

Henne, Chad MIA QB

Charles, Jamaal KCC RB

Blount, LeGarrette TBB RB

Leshoure, Mikel DET RB

Goodson, Mike CAR RB

Johnson, Steve BUF WR

Smith, Steve PHI WR

Amendola, Danny STL WR

Armstrong, Anthony WAS WR

Mason, Derrick HOU WR

Robiskie, Brian JAC WR

Parrish, Roscoe BUF WR

Gates, Antonio SDC TE

Fasano, Anthony MIA TE

Scobee, Josh JAC PK

Lindell, Rian BUF PK

Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def

Bills, Buffalo BUF Def



IBL Representative
'valence said:
SSL2 is close.FUBAR: 276.35Valence: 264.80CPT Hook: 262.00:popcorn:
wow are these official? gg perry! gl in the next round fubar. looking forward to competing with you for my 4th survivor league title!
Not official as the Monday Nite stats aren't included. Also noticed that Kyle Orton isn't scoring (maybe because he's listed on Denver?).

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