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2013/2014 Playoff Draft Leagues - signup now (1 Viewer)


Setting up a new Playoff Draft League. Signup in this thread.

Here's the format:

a weekly draft with keepers and knockouts - 8 teams wild card weekend and divisional round, 4 teams championship round (top 4 scorers YTD), 2 teams super bowl (Top 2 championship scores), standard FBG survivor scoring and lineups, no reserves. Can keep 2 players each week from the prior week.

Draft would be serpentine. WC weekend all draft spots would be picked randomly, but after that, teams would choose which spot they want - that order would be based on the prior week's scoring (so the high scorer would choose their slot first, etc.)

We have one league filled already, happy to run a few of them. If we get 2+ leagues, we'll create relegation rules for 2014/2015 leagues.


Draft will use 30 minute time slots Wednesday to Friday, starting at 11am eastern, ending at midnight eastern. I will post the windows for the following day sometime around midnight, based on where we get in the draft each day.

We'll use MFL to make picks, unless someone misses their window, then we'll shift to the message board until we get back on track.

Teams can pick as soon as the team before them picks, even if their window hasn't opened.

This means that if Team 1 makes their pick at 11:01am eastern, Team 2 can make their pick any time between 11:02am eastern and noon, and so on and so forth.

Teams can make picks in their own slot, even if the team (or teams) before them haven't picked.

This means, assume Team 1 misses their slot, Team 2 can make their pick on the FBG message board threa as soon as their window opens, but Team 3 can't make their pick until their own window opens.

The rules and scoring (same scoring as SSL)
9 rounds of drafting
No trading of picks
No trading of players
No free agent pick ups
Serpentine drafting.
No submission of rosters. Each week 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK and 1 Def/ST will be maximized for your weekly score.

Player Scoring:
Passing TDs = 6 pts
Rushing/receiving TDs = 6 pts
1 pt per 20 yards passing
1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving
1 pt per reception (QB/RB/WR)
2 pt per reception (TE)

Kicker Scoring:
3 pts per FG
1 pt per EP
Defense Scoring:
Points Allowed
0 = 5 points
1-6 = 3 points
7-13 = 1 point
14+ = 0 points
Total Yards Allowed
0-199 = 5 points
200-249 = 3 points
250-299 = 1 point
300+ = 0 points
Sack = 1 point
INT/Fumble Recovery = 2 points
Safety = 2 points
TD (inc. ST) = 6 points

I need to drop out of the league that is kicking off today. Sorry, but things have come up that will make it very difficult to keep up with the draft and I don't want to hold things up.

Hopefully, by the sea can jump in my place.


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