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2013 International Series: 49ers vs Jaguars (1 Viewer)


Five reasons why we're in on 49ers-Jags from LondonBy Dan Hanzus

Around the League Writer

The NFL will conclude its 2013 International Series schedule Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars meet at Wembley Stadium in London.

On paper, this looks like a car crash. The Niners have rebounded from a slow start to win four consecutive games. The Jaguars are 0-7 with little semblance of hope.

We imagine NFL fans in England will take interest in the game for obvious reasons. But what about the rest of us? Let's take a crack at it.

1. Colin Kaepernick's surge: We are of the opinion that Kaepernick has yet to achieve liftoff this season. It's coming, however, and his performance during Sunday's win over the Tennessee Titans was a good indication Kap could be ready for a roll that recalls the second half of his 2012 season. Kaepernick is Jacksonville's greatest threat to competitiveness.

2. Trade bait: Colleague Chris Wesseling had both Maurice Jones-Drew and Jason Babin on his list of the 10 candidates to be moved before next week's trade deadline. Sunday is the last time a player can be showcased (or showcase himself) to another team. This is why we predict MJD will rush for 432 yards and six TDs.

3. Frank Gore Appreciation Club: The Inconvenient Truth has long been under-appreciated by us Yanks. Perhaps the Brits will open their hearts to the 49ers running back who's in line for a very big day. The Jags are dead last in the NFL in rush defense, allowing 153.3 yards per game. Ack.

4. Road Trippin' with Jim Harbaugh: We've always contended that a camera should be trained on the Niners coach at all times, and setting Jim loose in London has incredible potential. Harbaugh said this week that visiting Winston Churchill's war cabinet offices "would be the highlight of (his) life." Here's to hoping he gets there.

5. Shad Khan Luxury Box Cam: Speaking of cameras, let's pray Fox has one on Jaguars owner Shad Khan as he scans an audience of 85,000 fans and strokes his giant mustache in a knowing manner. If his eyes turn to dollar signs, even better.

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