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**2013 NFL Draft * - call your trade shots (1 Viewer)


With the draft just one day away, not having seen any threads like this, I thought it would be interesting to start one in which people posted what trades they think are made.

This year, like none I can remember, looks to lend itself to a lot of trades being made. On top of that, there seem to be no easy ones to figure on occuring, like the RGIII trade in 2012.

My calls for this aren't for any specific teams but I feel at least 2 teams will trade up from the 2nd round to the end of the 1st round in order to pick QBs. Why? Because 1st round selections can be signed to 5-year contracts whereas 2nd round selections can only be signed to 4-year contracts.

What do YOU think will happen? Do the Jags trade down from 2? Does Arizona trade up from 7 to pick an OL (if they even DO pick an OL in the 1st)?

Niners trade 1.31 and 3.31 to Indy for 1.24 in order to secure Eifert (assuming he is there)

Rams don't trade up from 16 to get Vaccaro, which is the sexy hypothetical right now.

Instead, I say a pass rusher or a QB falls to 16 that a team will want to trade up for. Rams acquire that team's 1st + 2nd for 16th overall.


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