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2013 NY GIants moves on defense (1 Viewer)


Canty & Boley cut.--CB Corey Webster: The 30-year-old cornerback is coming off a disappointing year, and the Giants have two young, talented corners behind him in Prince Amukamara (a former first-round pick) and Jayron Hosley (third round). Webster is due a $7 million salary in the final year of his contract and cutting him would save the Giants $7.25 million against the cap. It’s hard to justify that kind of commitment with the way he played last year. --CB Terrell Thomas: He will certainly be released before a $6 million option bonus is due in mid-March, saving the Giants $3 million in cap space. The question is whether he’ll be re-signed. Thomas recently started running as he continues to rehab from his third torn ACL. If he is brought back, though, it will very likely be for a one-year, minimum salary deal, so either way they’ll get significant cap savings from him.--DE Justin Tuck: It’s very hard to see the Giants cutting Tuck, even off back-to-back disappointing seasons -- especially since both Reese and Tom Coughlin have said they expect him to return. He’s too valuable in the locker room, and they’ll need defensive ends with Osi Umenyiora likely to bolt. He does have a $4.5 million salary, though, which would be just about what they’d save if the soon-to-be 30-year-old is released. (Note: DE Osi Umenyiora’s contract included a voidable year in 2013, so he currently counts against the 2013 salary cap. When that is “officially” voided, though, it’ll amount to a $1 million savings for the Giants).---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Early rumors are the Giants are going to heavily pursue CB Cary Williams and LB Danelle Ellerbe.


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