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2013 Survivor Week 5 - Double Jeopardy Version (1 Viewer)


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Week 1:


Week 2:


Week 3:


Week 4:


Congrats to all who advanced! Good luck next year to all who fell by the wayside!

Format reminder:

winners: GB, CIN, MIA, DAL, ATL, TB Week 07: NE

losers: PIT, GB, STL, CHI, NOR, MIN Week 07: MIA

Thursday, October 3rd

Bills @ Browns

Sunday, October 6th (early)

Jaguars @ Rams

Chiefs @ Titans

Eagles @ Giants

Ravens @ Dolphins

Seahawks @ Colts

Lions @ Packers

Patriots @ Bengals

Saints @ Bears

Sunday, September 29th (late)

Panthers @ Cardinals

Broncos @ Cowboys

Chargers @ Raiders (I don't know when this is being played)

Sunday Night Football

Texans @ 49ers

Monday Night Football

Jets @ Falcons

Good luck! I want a clean fight. Touch gloves and come out at the bell!

Used winners: Indy, New England, Seattle, Denver. Week 5 winner: Rams

Used losers: Oakland, Jets, Jaguars, Eagles. Week 5 loser: Lions

edited at 8:15 pm thursday night. Was brought to my attention I already took Jags to lose. D'oh.

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Winner: IND, OAK, SEA, DEN Week 5: ATL

Loser: OAK, TB, JAX, PHI Week 5: NYJ

Weird, Jets are the only road team I don't like to win this week. The way ATL is playing this could be ugly. Good luck all.

Used W: Indy, Houston, Seattle, Tennessee

L:Buffalo, St Louis, Raiders, Philedelphia

Week 5 picks

Winner St. Louis

Loser: New York Jets

Winners - Pats Saints Seattle Broncos

Losers - Chargers Steelers Jags Texans

Week 5

Winner - Chargers

Loser - Raiders

Winner: NE(1), Cin(2), Sea(3), Colts(4)

Loser: Buf(1), Pit(2), Jaguars(3), Eagles(4)

Week 5

Winner: Atlanta(5)

Loser: NYJ(5)

Winners: Colts (1), Patriots (2), Seahawks (3), Saints (4), Week 05: Rams
Losers: Bills (1), Jets (2), Jaguars (3), Dolphins (4), Week 05: Titans

Tough week!

winners IND, CIN, SEA, DEN; Week 05 - ATL

losers OAK, PIT, JAX, PHI; Week 05 - NYJets

Thanks again.

Winners: Indy, Cincy, NO, Denver. Week 5: STL

Losers: Oak, Pitts, AZ Philly. Week 5: Jets

Edited to replace Jags with Jets as loser.

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Winners Colts, Saints, Seahawks, Broncos

Losers Raiders, Bucs, Jags, Eagles

Winner this week Falcons, Loser this week Jets


Winner - (Colts (1), Bengals (2), Patriots (3) Saints (4))) Week 5: Rams

Loser - (Panthers (1), Titans (2), Bucs (3) Miami (4))) Week 5: Cowboys

Tough week!
The jets / falcons matchup is enticing at first glance but the falcons are playing like crap and maybe i'm thinking about last year's falcons and jets, not this year's. On the other hand, Rivers is 6-1 lifetime in Oakland, the Riaders QB is coming off a concussion and McFadden is out. Rolling with Rivers here!

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Winners Used: Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Colts ----- WEEK 5: Falcons

Losers Used: Bills, Redskins, Raiders, Jags ------- WEEK 5: Jets

Winners- Green Bay Packers (used Rams, Oakland, Jets, Colts)

Losers- Dallas Cowboys (used Chargers, Giants, Bills, Eagles )

Edit: Switching Week 5 loser to Detroit Lions.

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Winners: Hous, Cinc, Sea, KC

Losers: Oak, Pitt, JAck, NYG

This week give me Atlanta winning over Jets losing

Very tough week with a lot of tight games and most of the better teams on the road

Winners ne, cin, sea, KC
Losers buf, pit, oak, NYG

Week 5:

Winner; San Diego

Loser: Jets


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