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2015 Spring Survivor Sign Up thread (1 Viewer)


IBL Representative
League 1

FFNinja - in

Rudy - in

Fullback Fro - in

by_the_sea_wannabe - in

Renesauz - in

Bro1ncos - in

BroadwayG - in

Stinkin Ref - in

Duckboy - in

Helltoupee - in

Carolina Hustler Go Pack

Dpeease - in

Aaron Rudnicki - in

Tex - in

Bassnbrew - in

Busman - in

League 2

Go Pack - promoted to league 1, Sweet Love

Nittany Lion - in

Pimpin Ain't Easy - in

Nugget - in

BSS - in

krsone21 - in

RC94 - in

FUBAR - in

Kardplayer - in

Norseman - in

Bloom - in

Valence - in

Comet - in

FFwmd - in

Reaper - in

Shadowfax - in

Leauge 3

Sweet Love - promoted to league 2, Snellman

Jeff Pasquino - in

Ahrncity - out, Sinrman

Atomic Punk - in

Steel Dillo - Pictus Cat

Go Blue - in

Menobrown - in

Mr. irrelevant - in

Fiddles - in

Gandalas - Crippler

Rzrback77/Stephan Holloway - in

Gamma1210 - in

Jeaton - in

Ray Love - in

Phenix - Fresh Prince

Bronx Bomber - Soulfly

League 4



Snellman - in promoted to 3

Sinrman - in promoted to 3

Hitnrun - out


Red Zone

Pictus Cat - in promoted to 3

Crippler - in promoted to 3

7 x new entries -

Fresh Prince promoted to 3

Soulfly promoted to 3



maggot brain



Drunken Slob


Please let me know if you are in this year. League one draft will start the Monday after the draft. The other leagues will follow after the senior league clears the first round. Draft will be held on FBG with tracking on MFL. 8 hour clock, including weekends. Will be off Memorial Day weekend. Note that if we are close to finishing prior to Memorial Day, I will adjust the clock to finish that before the holiday.

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IBL Representative
Yo deadbeats…there are 32 of you drafting in the PDSLs, let's at least get all of you to answer so I don't have to pm you lazy bassturds.



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