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2018 RB Lotto Ticket Rankings (1 Viewer)

  • PHI - Clement becomes the guy if Ajayi goes down IMO <-- per @Buck Bradcanon  - Wed Sep 19: some reports doubting Ajayi will play this coming weekend
  • PHI - Sproles 
  • PHI - Josh Adams - ...On The Audible Podcast on Thursday Sep 20th Bloom and Matt Waldman discussed preemptive pickups stating:  per Waldman:  "maybe a preemptive pickup"
If we're expecting Ajayi to be absent for some reason I think Clement as the answer is staring us in the face.

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I see some love here and there for WIlkins - and he is a decent option.  Just not a lottery ticket back.  More of a dollar scratch card.

I feel like we need to distill this - what are the leading contenders for backfields where some one RB could emerge from competition or opportunity

I'm thinking of situations comparable to what we saw with Collins and Drake last year.

I'm just going to brainstorm here, several of the names here are injury dependent. And unless we're talking about someone like Ajayi who has an injury history, like a specific recurring injury (in his case knees) that you can expect, it's a bit of a dart throw.

I just want to offer some ideas of backfields where some RB might take over due to just pure performance vs opportunity
I like the idea but does it really matter how the RB will become an every week start-able stud?  The list(s) are general on purpose - it is a "cast a wide net" exercise meant to include RBs that are not yet King Makers all the way down to Street Free Agents (reference the aforementioned Tim Hightower, and does anyone remember Samkon Gado?).  The only distinction we are making now is to have 10 to 20% shown at the top as the most likely to become studs due to "the best combination of availability, upside and possibility of a big workload".  Currently we have 16 of 57 at the top, which is 28+%, and that feels too high to me personally.  Obviously guys like Clement, Geo Bernard, and Sony Michel should be rostered at this point.  They are not true "dart throws" at this time.  However, as the season goes on, guys like that will be moved to the bottom in a list called "the train has left the station" or "the cat is out of the bag" (like we did last year) as they are, or become, permanently roster-able or start-able.  As the weeks pass the picture will become clearer but for now those guys remain to accommodate short bench leagues and early-season uncertainty.

I am not sure breaking the list(s) down to "candidate if there is an injury" vs "candidate due to performance" is worth the time.  We could "flag" the names you and others see as "forcing their way to the top" candidates, but It feels like a "your mileage may vary" situation.  There is always going to be much overlap.

If we're expecting Ajayi to be absent for some reason I think Clement as the answer is staring us in the face.
Understood and agreed.  Obviously the priority roster pick up is Clement and not Josh Adams... for this week and perhaps (only time will tell) for the season.

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