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2019 Dynasty Stashes (1 Viewer)


If you're like me and already looking to next year in your dynasty league, who are you stashing for 2019? 

Some people might have different meanings of stash. Some players I stashed earlier this season have grown beyond that stage, IMO, like David Moore & Chris Herndon. If you're talking strictly stashes, two of my favorites are Malcolm Brown & Darrel Williams.

Brown was starting to get some pub as a stash, but got hurt & may be out for the year so he might've been dropped. He's a RFA & could be somebody's feature back next season. Williams is a deep stash, but I like his game & the upside is huge. There's no guarantee KC finds a top RB in the offseason.

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For me:


Chris Warren

Elijah McGuire


Tim Patrick

Robert Foster


Dan Arnold

Chris Herndon
Like I said in my previous post, I believe Herndon should be classified as a legit FF asset (& believe he'll eventually be a stud), but I like Arnold as a stash.

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Raheem Mostert. He’s a FA next year and looked good in his limited time in SF. 

Edited to add Jeremy Hill if he lands in a decent situation. He showed some life with the Patriots in the preseason before he got hurt. 

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I swear there was another thread on this 
There definitely wasn't a 2019 thread. I know some people posted 2019 stashes in the 2018 stashes thread, but that was confusing as it was mixed in with looking back on 2018 stashes. Hopefully we can get a good 2019 only list going. 

I think the 2018 thread had some "2018 stashes for 2019" content.

That was 2018 revisited. 
I can't find it. Crazy. I swear I just posted a bunch... 

Ryan Nall would be a good stash. Practice squad RB. I'm not sure Cohen is exactly what they want to do at RB in Chicago, but what do I know. Howard certainly isn't, so they may move to Nall next year and he could turn into someone of value

Dan Arnold is a good stash but he is likely rostered

Jacob Hollister... if he can take a step this offseason I think he can be a decent option next year and beyond. He disappointed this year IMO

Danny Etling. Not to keep with the NE theme but if they pass on a QB then I think that speaks for how they feel about Etling 

J'Mon Moore if someone got impatient and dropped him. I think he could turn it around and make a big stride into 2019, but I also have a feeling GB goes for a WR early in the draft

Bridgewater should be rostered but he would be one. Same with Lauletta. 

That's about the extent of my stash list, at least people who haven't been mentioned yet... aside from Arnold. 


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