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2019 fantasy football league openings(I need owners) (1 Viewer)

I’ll be running a lot of espn PPR fantasy football leagues like last year as many on here know. I’m taking a list of people who would want to be notified when drafts will be. I’ve got a list of 40 people so far, this helps fill leagues fast. 

If you would like to be when I have leagues please post email or message me your email. Thanks.

leagues money are kept with leaguesafe. 

We’ve got 31 people on my contact list as of now. This is awsome as this will help fill the leagues fast and more then likely I won’t need to go n the forums looking for owners last minute. 

So if you would like in to be contacted about my leagues I suggest getting in as I may not be needing the forums much once drafting comes around. I have 2 returning leagues and 20 new leagues I’ll be running. 

Well draft is over and ESPN will be re doing the site soon. Once that’s complete I will be setting up drafts. 

If you want in on the list to be notified let me know right away as the list is growing and I more then likely won’t be on the forums looking for owners as I’ll go off my list for owners. 

Would anyone else like in on the list? Here are the settings I’ll be working with most of the leagues

Quarterback (1)

Running Back (2)

Wide Receiver (2)

Flex: WR/RB/TE (2)

Tight End (1)

Kicker (1)

Defense / Special Teams (1)

Bench (6)

Offensive Scoring Rules

Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards

Passing Touchdowns: 6 points

Interceptions: -2 points

Fumble Lost: -2 point

Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards

Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points

Receptions: 1 point (PPR)

Receiving Yards: 1 points per 10 yards

Reviving Touchdowns: 6 points

Kicker Scoring Rules

Extra Points: 1 point

Missed Extra Point: -2 points

Field Goal 17-39 Points: 3 points

Field Goal 40-49 Points: 4 points

Field Goals 50-59 Points: 5 points

Field Goals 60+ Points: 6 points

Missed Field Goal: -2 points

Defense & Special Teams Scoring Rules

Blocked Kick: 2 points

Safety: 2 points

Forced Fumble: 1 point

Fumble Recovery: 1 point

Interception: 2 points

Sack: 1 point

0 Points Allowed: 10 points

1-6 Points Allowed: 8 points

7-13 Points Allowed: 6 points

14-20 Points Allowed: 2 points

21-27 Points Allowed: 1 point

28-34 Points Allowed: 0 points

35-41 Points Allowed: -2 points

42+ Points Allowed: -4 points

BUY IN: $5

everyone makes playoffs since done before pre season games. Did this last year and everyone loved it:

Best Regular Season Record: $30

Playoffs 1st: $30

BUY IN: $15

8 teams make playoffs

Best Regular Season Record: $55

Playoffs 1st: $90

Playoffs 2nd: $35

BUY IN: $30

6 teams make playoffs

Best Regular Season Record: 120 Playoffs 1st: 180

Playoffs 2nd: $60

Things could change but this is what I mainly will go with

We’re looking good with about 50 owners on the list. This will help fill Leagues really fast. If anyone wants in list to be notified I recommend putting you name on the list as those will fill fast and I won’t need the forums much. Anyone else looking for fun competitive leagues let Me know. 

Anyone sick of doing these mock drafts and having people leave after he first couple rounds to only have half the draft Auto drafted? Well I’m gonna be starting my $5 drafts this coming week. These are cheap fun leagues designed for everyone to do more realistic draft  worth playing for. I’ll be setting these leagues up and only taking people off my list that I have going of about 53 people. If you would like to jump in some of these leagues rather then auto drafted mock drafts and have a real draft with dedicated owners then you’ll wanna jump in on my list. If you want in the list to be notified please let me know your email. Thanks 

Once I set up the leagues all details on league and payouts and leaguesafe will be sent to only everyone on my list. First then if I need an owner I will then come to the forums. 


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