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2019 rookie pick 1.01 (super early edition) (1 Viewer)


There's a few weeks left in the season, most leagues trade deadlines have passed but not all. 

Regular season college football is over except the greatest classic rivalry in sports, but none of those guys are getting drafted high. 

So what are your early thoughts for the overall #1 rookie pick? Feel free to discuss any format including 2QB. 

What will you offer for the pick, what would you need to trade it?

Who is it? Harry? Harris? Love? Brown? The other Brown? 

Clearly there is no Barkley this year.  

Good question. I currently have 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 all via trade during the off-season. I made the playoffs so my original pick is not yet determined but it’s a pick I will likely trade for a 2020 pick.

I still have yet to decide on what whom I’m doing to draft with the first 3 picks. I’m not looking to move them I will use them I’m just undecided at this point. Once everyone declares I can decide. I already have my Tiered Draft Board and will eliminate any who decides to return to school.

I’m fairly stacked so I’ll be looking to add some depth.

I’m high on several guys so I will choose wisely. I’m not 100% certain on my picks like I have been in the past but I know I will grab the best RB and TE for sure. I like the big 3 WRs and I have five 2nd round picks to play with as well. I love this Draft as the herd was saying this wouldn’t be a good class I was dealing for the picks.

I will add more about the players when it’s clear who’s declaring and who’s staying.


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Naturally there is no Barkley. I know because I have my first ever 1.01
I think the closest thing to Barkley in this class would have been Rodney Anderson, if he could ever stay healthy, but he is a significant injury risk.  David Montgomery is a back who could really excel, if he lands in the right situation.  I currently have Montgomery atop my RB rankings, but the pre-draft process should sort the field out. 

Guessing I'll have picks 2,3,5 overall with no need as well. Maybe WR with Brown, Green, Julio getting older, and failing this year with Penny, Michel, Jones. (passed on Chubb) DOH!

Anyone else hold others picks and are hoping for them to win the Toilet Bowl?

Harry. Dont overthink this imo
Harry goes to Buffalo. No thanks. Harry goes to Balt. No thanks. There's about 6+ teams that are on my do not draft WRs list.

This year it doesn't matter what your pre draft rankings are, they won't be the same post draft because situation will matter in this rookie draft.

Great year to pull the “deal 1.1 for a late 1st and future 1st” combo if someone falls in love with a prospect post-draft...

I am like Tex, I have picks 1 2 3 from offseason trades. I also have pick 5 and 2 more in the playoffs (potentially 8 and 11)

I am not trading 1-3. I may move the rest for 2020 but I'd like to move at least one if them to 2020. 

I will likely add Harry, AJ Brown, and potentially Montgomery depending where they land. If any of the WRs end up on Buffalo, Baltimore or Jacksonville I'm passing completely. If Montgomery lands in KC he should be 1.1. 

No one should be considering Love. He should make it out of round 1 all together. I'm surprised he made the OP list. Hes not even a top 5 RB for me (Montgomery, Harris, Anderson, Henderson, Holyfield in no order) 

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