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2020 Elections Thread - Senate, House, State, & Local Races (1 Viewer)

Any Minnesota locals know about the race between Illhan Omar and this challenger: Melton-Meaux

Knowing very little of what Omar actually brings to the table I wouldn’t mind seeing her get bounced just from the headlines she generates. 

Quinnipiac poll:

Maine Senate
Sara Gideon (D) 54%
Susan Collins (R) 42%

South Carolina Senate
Lindsey Graham (R) 48%
Jaime Harrison (D) 48%

Kentucky Senate
Mitch McConnell (R) 53%
Amy McGrath (D) 41%

These seem about right.  I think Collins is done, Graham has tied his fortunes to Trump, and will need a big Trump turnout in South Carolina to hold off Harrison, and McGrath never had a chance against McConnell (It was a huge waste of national resources to donate to her campaign over some of the other close races).


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