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2021 Anarchy's ******* Love Child League Thread (1 Viewer)


2021 Anarchy's ******* Love Child League Site
Draft scheduled to start 8/2 at 8:00 AM Eastern. Timer off for now.

Roster swap order and results:

01 - CB Blitz - Drops Lutz, Wil NOS PK, claims Rojas, Aldrick NOS PK
02 - JeremyX13 - Drops Toney, Kadarius NYG WR, claims Mitchell, Elijah SFO RB
03 - Public Ridicule - Drops Mostert, Raheem SFO RB, claims Williams, Ty'Son BAL RB
04 - eNdblu - Drops Bourne, Kendrick NEP WR, claims Johnson, Juwan NOS TE
05 - Ruffrodys - Drops Dobbins, J.K. BAL RB, claims Jones, Tony NOS RB
06 - BroncoFreak_2K3 - Drops Higgins, Rashard CLE WR, claims Wilson, Cedrick DAL WR
07 - freeannyong - Drops McFarland, Anthony PIT RB, adds Hyde, Carlos JAC RB
08 - BassNBrew - Drops Edwards, Gus BAL RB, adds Patrick, Tim DEN WR
09 - Mr. Landry - Drops Cole, Keelan NYJ WR, adds Sherfield, Trent SFO WR
10 - tangfoot - Drops Brate, Cameron TBB TE, adds Njoku, David CLE TE
11 - Duckboy - Drops Washington, James PIT WR, adds Schultz, Dalton DAL TE
12 - ryheaps - Drops Coutee, Keke FA WR, adds Patterson, Cordarrelle ATL WR
13 - Norseman - Drops Parkey, Cody FA PK , adds McLaughlin, Chase CLE PK
14 - swabs - No changes
15 - rzrback77 - Drops Ollison, Qadree FA RB, adds O'Shaughnessy, James JAC TE
16 - Go DC Yourself - Drops Williams, Darrel KCC RB, adds Osborn, K.J. MIN WR
17 - Pigskin Fanatic - Drops Snell, Benny PIT RB, adds Amendola, Danny HOU WR
18 - Biabreakable - Drops Mims, Denzel NYJ WR, adds Conklin, Tyler MIN TE
19 - bro1ncos - No changes
20 - BusMan - Drops McKinnon, Jerick KCC RB, adds Hasty, JaMycal SFO RB
21 - Anarchy99 - Drops Perriman, Breshad CHI WR, adds Bourne, Kendrick NEP WR
22 - ZWK - Drops Howard, O.J. TBB TE, adds Kroft, Tyler NYJ TE
23 - Crippler - Drops Etienne, Travis JAC RB, adds Johnson, Ty NYJ RB
24 - Cobalt Cruisin' - Drops Brown, John FA WR, adds Harris, Deonte NOS WR
25 - Montana_grizzly_bears - Drops Jones, Xavier LAR RB, adds McNichols, Jeremy TEN RB
26 - Ben & Jerry's - Drops Herbert, Khalil CHI RB, adds Schwartz, Anthony CLE WR
27 - OldMilwaukee - Drops Kumerow, Jake BUF WR, adds Patterson, Jaret WAS RB
28 - Coordinator - No changes
29 - Maggot Brain - Drops Humphries, Adam WAS WR, adds Raymond, Kalif DET WR
30 - Dreamers - No changes
31 - Stinkin' Ref - No changes
32 - Aaron Rudnicki - Drops Penny, Rashaad SEA RB, adds Perine, Samaje CIN RB

Drops Lutz, Wil NOS PK
Toney, Kadarius NYG WR
Mostert, Raheem SFO RB
Bourne, Kendrick NEP WR
Dobbins, J.K. BAL RB
Higgins, Rashard CLE WR
McFarland, Anthony PIT RB
Edwards, Gus BAL RB
Cole, Keelan NYJ WR
Brate, Cameron TBB TE
Washington, James PIT WR
Coutee, Keke FA WR
Parkey, Cody FA PK
Ollison, Qadree FA RB
Williams, Darrel KCC RB
Snell, Benny PIT RB
Mims, Denzel NYJ WR
Perriman, Breshad CHI WR
Etienne, Travis JAC RB
Brown, John FA WR
Jones, Xavier LAR RB
Herbert, Khalil CHI RB
Kumerow, Jake BUF WR
Humphries, Adam WAS WR
Penny, Rashaad SEA RB

Rojas, Aldrick NOS PK
Mitchell, Elijah SFO RB
Williams, Ty'Son BAL RB
Johnson, Juwan NOS TE
Jones, Tony NOS RB
Wilson, Cedrick DAL WR
Hyde, Carlos JAC RB
Patrick, Tim DEN WR
Sherfield, Trent SFO WR
Njoku, David CLE TE
Schultz, Dalton DAL TE
Patterson, Cordarrelle ATL WR
McLaughlin, Chase CLE PK
O'Shaughnessy, James JAC TE
Osborn, K.J. MIN WR
Amendola, Danny HOU WR
Conklin, Tyler MIN TE
Bourne, Kendrick NEP WR
Johnson, Ty NYJ RB
Harris, Deonte NOS WR
McNichols, Jeremy TEN RB
Schwartz, Anthony CLE WR
Patterson, Jaret WAS RB
Raymond, Kalif DET WR
Perine, Samaje CIN RB

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Up to 31, so at a minimum need 1 more. I can't attest that all 31 will actually participate, so if we can get a couple more as alternates to be safe that would help ensure we have a league this year.



IBL Representative
Stinkin Ref said:
Should probably let bass have two teams to increase his chances....
Probably not a good idea...I've been slacking on the work outs so climbing the podium twice probably wouldn't be wise.



IBL Representative
tangfoot said:
This draft is NOT going how I expected it to.

I believe that I am more surprised by this draft flow than any of our previous survivor drafts, the first of which began on February 15th.


Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
I am cool with @Anarchy99 picking for him in all 3 and moving us along....when he shows up, he can take over.....if you want to give me commish powers, I am cool with picking for him for however long....I am far enough away in 2 and ABLC that it shouldn't matter and I don't really cheat unless I can somehow jack with Bass's teams....



IBL Representative
How about everyone in the leagues he is effecting just send him an email reminder.

61 emaisl between the three leagues should do it!   :stirspot:



Pigskin Fanatic

I already picked for you across three leagues.
I saw, thank you and sorry again. I can't seem to use the link to connect to my team on the Love Child league. Could you send me a second invitation? The link on the original email is giving me an error msg. Thanks D.


Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
@jeremyx13    he just picked in league 2 as well....but did not in ABLC...... :wall:

i tried an email nudge earlier as well that talked about him being up in ABLC...



Stinkin Ref said:
@jeremyx13    he just picked in league 2 as well....but did not in ABLC...... :wall:

i tried an email nudge earlier as well that talked about him being up in ABLC...
I reached out to him every way possible. I made his picks to move things along. Maybe he will jump back in at some point.


Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
so huge in this particular league to please take the time to sign up for the TEXT notification of when you are OTC.....



I love+hate the way @Crippler has started this draft from the 10 slot with the Tyreek & Etienne picks.
- the guy in the 11 slot



IBL Representative
I always forget how distressing the roster looks and the choices are already in round three. Feel lucky to get Logan Thomas at TE in he second half of the third round. Team rzrback77 to date:

  • QB - Josh Allen QB2 drafted 1.18
  • RB -
  • WR - Robert Woods WR19 drafted 2.15
  • TE - Logan Thomas TE9 drafted 3.18


I always forget how distressing the roster looks and the choices are already in round three. Feel lucky to get Logan Thomas at TE in he second half of the third round. Team rzrback77 to date:

  • QB - Josh Allen QB2 drafted 1.18
  • RB -
  • WR - Robert Woods WR19 drafted 2.15
  • TE - Logan Thomas TE9 drafted 3.18
If I didn't already have a TE, I would have taken Thomas at 3.12.

1.12 - Darren Waller - TE2
2.21 - Josh Jacobs - RB21
3.12 - JuJu Smith-Schuster - WR29



IBL Representative
LOL...at 3.25 I wanted to know where everyone went.

1.25: Calvin Ridley - I think he has an outside shot at finishing as WR1.  Zero chance for playoff points.  In a 12 teamer this equates to pick 3.1 so I felt like I got some value here.

2.8: Joe Mixon - I must have missed some news.  At pick 40 this would equate to pick 4.4.  I know he disappoints every year but at RB15 that's lower where every FBG staff expert has him sans Parsons at RB21.  He's ranked 18th at the RB/WR/TE ppr ranking by FBG consensus projections.

3.25: Browns TMQB - There was literally no one here I thought warranted a pick.  Ended up taking the Browns team QB hoping they have a playoff run.  Higbee or Goedert was my other consideration

4.8: Tyler Higbee - Surprised that both TEs I was looking at last round made it back.  I guess I overall valued them. Higbee has a shot at playoff points and a lot of targets departed the Rams this off season.  I guess want I liked most about this pick is that I now have a decent starter at RB/WR/TE which gives me flexibility later in the draft.



IBL Representative
QB - Dolphins

RB - Ekeler 

WR - Cooks

TE - Hockenson

D - 

K -

As discussed you always feel so thin drafting in this league and it really never gets  better. 9

Loved starting Ekeler and TJ. Feel like I potentially have two to produce top 5 guys at their position. Cooks seems produce solid numbers at the end of each year. I'm OK with the Dolphins TMQ. Tua will have some up and down weeks

You are all so right. This lineup feels weird.

QB: Rams- Truly believe Stafford, if he stays healthy, will be back in the top 5 or 6 on the Rams

RB: Gaskin- Needed to get a #1 and this is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. He will be hit or miss again this year I'm sure.

WR: Adams- Always near the top and should be consistent points all year

TE: Jarwin- Needle in a hay stack at this point with TE's. Will he take the lion's share or share with Schultz?

      Adkins- Does he elevate his game with Fells out of the way? 




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