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2022 Dynasty FAs: where do YOU want them to sign? (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

There are all kinds of rumors out there, but I’m more interested in what you believe is the ideal landing spot for your 2022 dynasty league FAs.

who ya got & where would you love to see them land? 


Hot Sauce Guy

I’ll go first:

• Ronald Jones - Atlanta Falcons. With the likely departures of CPat (should get more elsewhere) and Davis (29, Falcons save $1.75M with a $750k dead cap hit by cutting him) RoJo is a 24 y/o who checks a lot of boxes for what the Falcons need at RB. Chain mover, short yardage, decent long speed & better than people think as a receiver.  He wouldn’t break the bank (which the Falcons seemingly love) & would add youth & talent to an offense in need of both.

• Evan Engram - in this case, I’m in agreement with the rumors of the Bills as a landing spot. Reportedly they want to use a TE as a slot receiver, with 2 TE sets as they did down the stretch with great success last year. Engram would be the cheapest of the options (Ertz/Gronk) and could easily outplay a contract. His value could skyrocket with a talented QB like Josh Allen, and the physical tools are certainly there. What’s been a wasted career so far could be resurrected in Buffalo. Knox owners would not be happy, but I’d love to see it after Engram has languished on my squad since he was a sophomore.  



I’d like Marlon Mack to get a chance to revive his career in Atlanta. Or maybe stay in the division in Houston. Either could have opportunity.

JuJu: Kansas City 

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That one guy

As of right now I’m decidedly against ARob going to CLE…would be okay with ATL 

I want Trubs in either PIT or now viable SEA

He’s not an FA, but I’d like for DHenderson to get traded to HOU/ATL/MIA



I'd like Breece Hall to the Bills, Chark anywhere but Cleveland, RoJo to ATL per HSG, and Gallup back in Dallas. 

Also love to see Grugier-Hill back in Houston at LB. 

How's that? 



Here are my hopes:

  • De'Vondre Campbell to stay in GB
  • Foye Oluokun to stay in Atl
  • Allen Robinson to KC
  • Gardner Minshew to Pit
  • Randy Gregory to Min (love to pair him with Hunter)
  • Raheem Mostert to Mia
  • Hasaan Reddick to Ari (If Jones goes somewhere)  or stay in Carolina
  • Cedric Wilson to stay in Dallas (with Cooper going elsewhere)
  • Amari Cooper to Vegas


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