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2022 Dynasty IDP trades - COMPLETED trades only please (1 Viewer)


Needed some DL girth with me only having DJ Jones and Trey Hendrickson (who had a stinger prior to Week 8 and looked to tweak his mid-lower back against CLE) worth a damn.

DL doesn't score a ton in this particular league so I wasn't wanting to break the bank but I did want some more juice.

I was offered - and took - this deal:

Gave up:
Chase Claypool (4 year deal), and I already start Diggs, Hopkins and Evans with CSamuel as backup
DJ Jones (1)
Yetur Gross-Matos (DTS)
'23 3rd (will be bottom end of round)
'23 4th (also bottom end)

Allen Robinson (2), hey why not... he's shown a slight pulse
Gregory Rousseau (4)
Grover Stewart (1)
'23 2nd (could be in the middle)
'23 3rd (could be in the middle)

I'm a Bears fan and just don't trust Claypool at all. Guess this other owner wanted him as the prize and was willing to give up Rousseau (DL28 in this league format) and Stewart (DL3). The pick upgrades were just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. It was a snap accept.
I kind of like the other side of things because of Claypool but if you are down on him then I can see where you like the other side. I also am not sold the Steward keeps up his current pace but so far so good. It definitely is an overall improvement for your DL and since that was your goal it's good for you.

Yeah I'm not buying Claypool as a difference-maker for CHI anytime soon. And I don't see him ever sniffing my starting lineup. I probably would have done the DL/WR swap without even needing the pick upgrades.... those were just the icing on the cake.

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