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2022 GUILLOTINE League 15 Teams Standard starting third week $25 or free ESPN (1 Viewer)


If interested, the BEST way to contact me is to send an email to philtheist9@yahoo.com

Draft date: Tuesday September 20th, 7 pm CST FOLLOWING the 2nd week of play. This is chosen for three reasons:

1) We plan on playing through week 16. You need the number of week plus one for the number of players. If we start preseason and go to week 16, that requires 17 players. By drafting after week two we only need 15 players (better draft).

2) This gives everyone an opportunity to observe play for two weeks before draft as opposed to preseason.

3) Many play multiple leagues so it is easier to schedule another draft after week two instead of preseason.

Cost: $25 per person, however, playing for money is NOT REQUIRED. If someone wants to play for free, that is okay. However, if someone wants to play for free, and he wins, he is unable to get money. All winnings would go to those in the next place positions who did pay. I have attempted to set up the rules in such a way to prevent any collusion, unfair advantage, or conflict. There will be TWO place winners (maybe 3) with second place getting at least his money back (to be determined after final entry monies are finalized).

Monies are due BEFORE the draft order is determined (randomly supposedly) by the ESPN app an hour prior to the draft. I don't want someone getting pick 15 and then deciding they don't want to play for money. Please communicate if or if not you will be paying. Please send a message to me when sending money, so I can confirm. Monies will have Zelle or Cash App options. My son might have Venmo available (I don't).

New Rules:
1) I am adding an IR spot this year. So there will be 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, 1DFS, 1K, 5Bench, and 1IR.

2) In the case of a tie, I am planning on the KICKER for the tiebreaker, followed by the bench points (just for fun). This is a
Gullotine league with the lowest score executed, so if you have the lowest kicker in a tie, you are axed.

Free Agency Bidding:
I plan on Free Agency Bidding like last year. Please reply if you do not like this system.

The waivers will generally be GREEN, YELLOW, or RED.

The waiver wire period begins at the end of the Monday night games and ends when all bids are processed around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

During that period the player claims will be YELLOW. During that time blind bidding occurs and the winner will acquire the player at processing time.

After waivers are cleared for that processing time, the players are first come-first serve. If you want a player you can acquire freely anytime when the player's status is GREEN.

RED players have played that week and are unable to be picked up at that time.

Rules from Last Year:

• Draft order will be randomized. There are 15 teams.

• Scoring is Standard NonPPR

• Each week, the lowest scoring team is eliminated and its roster goes into free agency.

• Each manager starts off with $150 for the season to bid on Free Agents. Bidding is hidden.

• No trades ever.

• If you have a Bye week, and you are still alive, your score is counted to be eliminated if you are the lowest. There are NO REAL BYE WEEKS.

• Just to emphasize: each week is an entirely different week. Low score per week is axed. Scores have no meaning, accumulative or otherwise, except to eliminate the lowest each week.

• There are no playoffs. Play occurs until the last person is axed.

• In the case of a conflict or question of rules, I have determined TWO other people who are familiar with Fantasy rules and purpose who will arbitrate with me to determine a fair ruling by majority vote.
Please reply as needed.

May God have mercy on your souls.

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