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2022 OFFENSE/DEFENSE Contest - Week 4 (1 Viewer)


IBL Representative
TheWinz +67
cdwood +67
bro1ncos +64
Coordinator +61
BankerGuy +41
Rubi +35
RiffRaff +33
Jabrony +32
Deamon +31
ffmail4me +30
J Rod +30
Genester +29
Timmay +28
Moniker +27
RealReactions +26
needanap +25
32 Counter Pass +23
Hot Sauce Guy +19
Utter Chaos +18
nysfl2 +17
Ardbeg4ever +17
RandyQB +15
SayWhat? +14
Houston turmOiler +13
Gally +13
Galileo +12
Farfromforgotten +12
Neil Beaufort Zod +11
~OZ~ +11
Jimmy B +10
Chaka +8
Just Win Baby +7
Quizguy66 +7
Pip's Invitation +6
The General +4
Cowboysfan8 +3
Heckmanm +3
Caesar +3
SoBeDad +2
Cheesypoof +2
Bonfire +1
Obie Wan +0
Dr. Octopus +0
Weebs210 -1
SeniorVBDStudent -1
themeistersinger -1
facook -1
JIslander -3
Maggot Brain -6
GodsBrother -10
Bobby Layne -20

Link to Week 3

The rumor that this contest is a race to zero is a misnomer. Although if it was true there would be many more within 3pts of the lead. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

As for this week the top 4 didn't change, but the race did tighten. After the top 4 there is a definite tier drop to the rest of the pack. @SoBeDad and @Caesar were the big jumpers for the week with a +14. Both jumping from negative numbers to positive scores. @simsarge made it tough on himself by not picking an offense, but still faired better than @BobbyLayne 's -21 (sorry GB).

As always, check my math and let me know about any errors you see.

On to week 4.
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OFFENSE: Colts,Rams,Vikings
DEFENSE: Dolphins,Steelers,Bears

Week 4:
Offense: Detroit Lions
Defense: Green Bay Packers
Jumping the gun with my week 4 choices:
O's used - KC, BUF, MIN
D's used - SF, GB, CLE

Offense - The 🦁 of Detroit
Defense - The 🤠 of Dallas
O - Eagles, Commanders, Chiefs
D - Panthers, Benglas, Bears

Week 4
O - Packers
D - Packers (*Changed to Packers on 9/29)
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Week 4:
O: 🦁
D: 🧀📦

My unique emoji picks are now not so unique and I feel the race to beat Oz with my entry every week lol. You win this time Oz, you win this time....
Offense: Titans, Commanders, Chiefs
Defense: Broncos, Bengals, Seahawks

Offense: Panthers
Defense: Giants

I kind of suck at this it seems.
Through Week #3: +2 points. Trending in the wrong direction: +7, 0, -5.

Used O - Chargers, Rams, Chiefs
Used D - Broncos, Browns, Saints

Week 4:
Offense: Buffalo Bills
Defense: Green Bay Packers
Offense: LA Chargers,Las Vegas,Minnesota
Defense: Carolina, SF,Cleveland

Week 3
Offense: Detroit Lions
Defense: Indy Colts
+64 for the season

Offense - PHI, LAR, CIN
Defense - BAL, SF, DAL

Week 4
Offense - Chargers
Defense - Packers
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Finally a good week and I am back on the right side of zero. Keep it rollin here in week 4

Offense: Denver, Las Vegas, Minnesota
Defense: San Fran, Cleveland, Carolina

Week 3
Offense: Cincinnati
Defense: Green Bay
Used O - LAC, KC, BUF
Used D - DEN, LAR, NYG

Week 4:
O - Loins
D - Packers

Based on my results to this point, apologies in advance to Detroit fans
I'm back. Very sorry about being AWOL. Crazy busy week +

OFF Used: SD
DEF Used: Den, Clev

Week 4: Defense - Dallas
Offense - Dallas

I'll pay better attention, promise
Current Score +26

Used Offense: KC, Minny, Buffalo
Used Defense: Denver , GB, Cleveland

Week 4: Giants Defense :sick: , Detroit Baltimore Offense

Edit: With Sun god and Swift just being ruled out I changed my offense to Baltimore
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