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2023 Buffalo Bills - Get Right (1 Viewer)

Typical trash troll post

Whoa. Those are sort of heavy words. I think after 80,000 posts on this board, I generally would fall under the "not troll nor unexcellent" category. I give what I get. In this case, I generally consider myself pretty okay with IK and GroveDIesel (two of the stalwarts of this thread) and I frequent this thread a lot without any trolling. Scroll up. This was a total joke.

You have issues, my Philadelphia son. Almost your entire thread does. You deserve the rep you get. Your issues? Don't take them out on me.
You know it's gotten bad when the Zach Wilson brigade shows up to start taking shots at you.
That’s not fair. Wilson isn’t even the starter now. And anytime you can trade for a QB who can offset salary expectations with a social security check, you gotta do it.

ETA: at least we can all still get some pleasure out of the Patriots being at the bottom of the AFCE right now. Though it still stings because they still have all those rings and the rest of the AFCE all got good just in time to battle with each other
I was down the rabbit hole on YouTube and came across a condensed video of the Damar incident, basically the TV coverage with all the breaks cut out.

Seeing their faces and reaction again was tough but led me to this: the massive impact this had on the Bills has been understated.

In part this was because they won the next two weeks. Had they lost those last two games (they almost did) we would have all understood and given them a pass. Instead we hoped they had put it behind them.

They were the #1 seed going into that game. I know their division improved but I think they can still challenge for the #1 seed this year.
The media is limited on how they can report things, but saw Josh Reed report that Benford had the first INT of camp picking off Allen while covering Diggs in the end zone. Also read that Elam was beginning on the 2nd team defense (I think tweeting that out is going to get that reporter in trouble).

So sounds like Benford started with the 1s. Or maybe Jackson did and then Benford cycled in. Either way, if Elam can’t clearly win the #2 CB job, that’s going to be a major disappointment and draft bust. They really needed him to be a good #2 CB.
Diggs talked for 20 minutes to the media after practice today. Sounds like he was pretty open and that there really isn’t much reason to expect issues going forward. Hopefully.
It’s short and t-shirt season still and rookie TEs basically never make a difference, but the camp buzz around Kincaid is very promising and should make Bills fans hopeful for the future in him. Seems to already have a lot of trust from Allen as well.
Elam is just a flat-out bust if he can't beat out Dane Jackson. No offense to Jackson, but this is ridiculous. First round draft picks should not be pushed by replacement-level guys in their second year. Yeesh.

(Draft capital represents important context here. Jackson was a fantastic draft pick, because we got a marginal starter in the 7th round. That same guy drafted in the first is a huge disappointment.)
Hot Take: I know he’s a rookie, undersized, and they didn’t apparently make initially view him as a MLB, but the Bills are making a mistake I’m not even considering Dorian Williams for the starting MLB role.
So, how much fire is the GM under right now? I feel like their drafts have been underwhelming. Maybe I’m mistaken but that’s the sense I get.
Cook still has a long ways to go to win me over... He should have taken that right up the field for a first down. :crying:

Pre-season so who cares but…

Poyer looks prone to bad angles and long TD runs…it has been happening for several seasons and as he gets older the Bills can’t afford it to get worse.

Brown at RT is not the answer. See if there is a market for DEs and trade some of your depth of there is ANY option out there.
Saw something about Damien Harris injuring his knee a week or 2 ago. Any update on him? Assuming no news is good news...
The O-line didn’t have depth to begin with and now injuries are racking up. The Bills also seem to have placed way too much stock in Spencer Brown. There have basically been nothing but bad reports on him all summer.

I love the Kincaid pick for Buffalo, and Torrence looks like he can play, but the rest of their draft looks like a mistake at this point. No point in taking Dorian Williams if they’re not going to give him a shot at MLB. Needed to draft a MLB or OT there.
Von Miller continues to deliver
PUP, out the 1st 4 weeks of the season according to Adam Schefter

6 yrs/$120M, so far the returns less than desirable but all would be forgiven if he can deliver 2nd Half of the season.
Von Miller continues to deliver
PUP, out the 1st 4 weeks of the season according to Adam Schefter

6 yrs/$120M, so far the returns less than desirable but all would be forgiven if he can deliver 2nd Half of the season.
The returns were awesome right up until the injury. Of course that’s the huge risk with a guy his age. If he can get back to the same performance he had pre-injury last year, but do it at the end of the year and the playoffs, not a single Bills fan will care about his contract.
I really want this team to be the top scoring unit , with the weapons to slay any dragon. What I've seen in preseason is scary.
Maybe they turn that around. I'm hoping they do!
What’s scary is the absolutely terrible job they’ve done in the early rounds in the draft.

2019 2nd round - Cody Ford - Traded
2020 3rd round - Zach Moss - Traded
2021 2nd round - Boogie Basham - Traded
2022 1st round - Kaiir Elam - Buried in depth chart and could be traded

Those are all huge whiffs that didn’t just bust, but busted early. That adds up in a Super Bowl window, especially now that they’re paying a premium for their QB.
Predictions for this season?

I've wavered back and forth on my thoughts over the past few months. I do think the Bills are slightly worse this year than last year. Von is still out, they did not replace Tremaine Edmunds, and there are still some major question marks on the OL. CB2 still a mess. Poor drafting continuing to haunt the team on the depth chart. Is McDermott spread too thin, calling the defensive plays? The schedule is daunting, especially that late stretch run. The Jets and the Dolphins are no joke, and each could definitely take control of the division.

But any team with Josh Allen under center is an instant contender. And there's still plenty of star power, Diggs and Davis, maybe Kincaid, the entire starting secondary aside from Dane Jackson, Von/Rousseau/Floyd on the ends. Vegas over-under is 10.5 wins, and I think that sounds fair. I'll say 11-6 and a playoff berth, but I'll stop short of predicting a division title. Wouldn't surprise me if they finished 10-7. Obviously we're all shooting for the top-of-the-mountain but the AFC is full of talent and the division is tough. I expect a playoff appearance and a fair shake chance to win their playoff matchups, but aside from that I have no idea how this season is going to go.

Wouldn't surprise me if they lose at the Jets on MNF Week 1, all of the national narrative is that the Bills' sky is falling and the season is over, just to have them go 10-7 or 11-6 anyway. Week 1 overreactions will abound for both teams, regardless of who wins the game.
12-5 and win the East. Decent shot to make a run. They lacked a short passing game, the hallmark of the Pats dynasties and KCs success.

I think Kincaid gives that to them and maybe even Cook and their offense takes another step forward. Josh is under less pressure and more methodical….which also translates to more consistent.
I'm going to say 11-6 and they lose the division on a tie-breaker coin toss.

I still say they are in the top tier with the Chiefs and Bengals, but the schedule is so, so hard. They're bound to drop a couple more games than a team of this caliber normally would.
defnitely worried about the team in 2023. Can they compete with the Jets and Fins? Allen showed some regressions last season the turnovers started piling up. but I do think that Cook is going to be superman for this team. the dumpoffs and the rb routes are going to really cut down on turnovers, help with the other passes by keeping defenses on their heels, play action will work because cook can fly. I'm very cautiously optimistic Bills didn't look good in preseason, like they had a 2022 season hangover
I’m pretty much in line with you guys. 11-6, 12-7 seem about right. Their schedule is brutal and the Phins and Jets are both good teams.

But I’ll say that I think the team is overall actually better than last year. They upgraded hugely at left guard with McGovern. I think RG is improved as well and expect Torrence to start there eventually. RT is still a major concern but isn’t any worse than last year.

Their RB room is better IMO. Cook has way more juice than Singletary or Moss and Harris and Murray are both upgrades over those two guys as well.

Their overall receiving weapons are better too IMO. They played McKenzie a ton last year along with the ghosts of Cole Beasley and John Brown. Sherfield is way better than Beasley or Brown were last year and Hartey is an improvement over McKenzie.

Kincaid. Not much to say there other than I think the kid is going to be a stud.

On defense, if Von Miller can stay healthy, I think they’re actually improved over last year. Rousseau is a year older and I think will be a force. Leonard Floyd seems to be ignored as an addition, but the dude is a huge add. He’s got like the 3rd most sacks of any player over the last 4 years. He’s an improvement over the DE2 they had after Von Miller got hurt and will be a beast as the #3 guy once Miller is back.

I think Ford and Settle were big additions at DT too. Big upgrades over what they had previously and they now have some legit run stuffers. And people forget, but Daquan Jones was pretty darn good last year and the Bills missed him horribly against the Bengals in the playoffs.

The loss of Edmunds is a huge problem and they definitely do not have an adequate replacement IMO. The hope is that Christian Kirksey may be that guy.

CB2 is still a pretty big question, but it’s not like it should be worse than last year. They have the same guys there. Hopefully Benford is better than last year with a year under his belt and can be an upgrade for them. Rapp is a great addition as well and can be a versatile piece for them.

So basically I see one position where they’re clearly worse, but quite a few where they’re improved.
Elam is inactive. Why did you not trade this guy if his value is that low, surely you could have got a 3rd for a highly rated first round CB with four years left on his rookie deal?

Looking like a big whiff 😕
Elam is inactive. Why did you not trade this guy if his value is that low, surely you could have got a 3rd for a highly rated first round CB with four years left on his rookie deal?

Looking like a big whiff 😕
It sucks to whiff. But I don’t think that the Bills have given up on him and still see him as excellent depth.

I think that they actually really really like Benford. He’s not Sauce Gardner, but he may actually be a very good #2 CB, in which case the Bills should get some credit for hitting on him.
Also, it’s a little unfair to Elam IMO. His strengths were as a press man corner with zone being a weakness for him. Well, the Bills run primarily zone defense and he has struggled when he has to play zone. A bit unfair to Elam to mismatch his strengths to their system and expect him to just be able to slot in and play like a first rounder. That’s where the Bills massively screwed up IMO.
It sucks to whiff. But I don’t think that the Bills have given up on him and still see him as excellent depth.
He's a healthy scratch. They don't see him as excellent depth.
Sure they do. Look at all the CB injuries they had last year. Or even a few years ago where they were grabbing guys off the street to start at CB #2 at times due to injuries. He’s inactive, but being the #4 CB isn’t meaningless.

And I mean, it’s not like the Bills don’t like Dane Jackson. I think most fans think he’s not very good, but I think the Bills believe otherwise.

There’s no question that your first round pick being inactive is not good, but I don’t think the Bills see him as a bust yet.
What a disappointing loss. I really only have one criteria for teams I cheer for.


If they are faster, bigger, tougher than you…not much you can do about it.

But be smarter than them. You can control that.

I gave up my season tickets when Rex was coach because of all the dumb decisions, but was lured back with Allen and McDermott.

Tonight Josh Allen and the Bills coaches (OC?) were dumber than the Jets and Zach Wilson.

To say it another way….Zach Wilson made better decisions in this game than Josh Allen.

I am not sure I could be more demoralized 😢

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