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2023 OFFENSE/DEFENSE Contest - Week 4 (1 Viewer)


@Ardbeg4ever +77
@QuizGuy66 +75
@cdwood +68
@Deamon +60
@bro1ncos +55
@needanap +51
@Hatch +49
@abfthomp +48
@Galileo +46
@TheWinz +46
@Pip's Invitation +45
@JIslander +44
@Houston turmOiler +42
@32 Counter Pass +41
@J Rod +41
@Gally +39
@Riffraff +38
@Nugget +38
@SayWhat? +33
@nysfl2 +32
@BobbyLayne +30
@SoBeDad +29
@Godsbrother +29
@RJS113 +27
@jabarony +26
@facook +26
@Mr. Irrelevant +26
@msudaisy26 +24
@Hot Sauce Guy +23
@RLHIV +23
@heckmanm +21
@jumper +20
@-OZ- +20
@Mitchie +15
@kupcho1 +10
@urbanhack +10
@Rubi +10
@Timmay +6
@Dr. Octopus +4
@Maggot Brain +1
@Bankerguy -1
@Angry Beavers -3
@Neil Beaufort Zod -4
@RandyDB -4
@Chaka -5
@Genester -5
@dcham77 -6
@Utter Chaos -21
@kylechoffman -21

This was the week of "if only". Only @Nugget chose the MIA O, but sadly also chose the DAL D. Still, Nugget jumped up in the rankings by 27 places. @Ardbeg4ever leads for a second straight week, but now @QuizGuy66 is breathing down his neck. In case you are wondering, a perfect score thru 3 weeks would be +136 (DAL/DAL, BUF/KC, MIA/CLE or BUF). No poster has yet to have the perfect week, although many chose BUF/DAL in week 2 and missed it by 1 point.

As a reminder to those returning and those of you new, to be eligible for the prizes you must participate in a minimum of 14 out of the 18 weeks. I will post the weekly thread typically on Tuesday with updated standings. It will get bumped on Thursdays at a minimum. On either Friday or Saturday I will tag regular players that are missing that week. If you miss a week, I will tag you again the following week. If you miss two consecutive weeks I will no longer tag you until you jump back into one of the new weeks. You are always eligible to jump back into the contest. You can submit your weekly entry up until kick off Monday night as long as you have a new offense and defense available to you that hasn't kicked off that week.

Lot of season to go. There is no one out of it. Remember, you now need to start being aware of your picks and making sure you aren't repeating an offense or defense.

As usual, always check my math because I will inadvertently make some input errors and get a score or two wrong during the season. Let's see whatcha got for week 4!

Link to week 3
Just wanted to get this in, but may change later.


Week 4 O - SF
Week 4 D - KC
Offense: Vikings, Lions, Cowboys
Defense: Ravens, Buccaneers, Cowboys

Week 4
Offense: Eagles
Defense: Chiefs
OFFENSE: Washington,Philadelphia,Jacksonville
DEFENSE: Washington,Denver,Kansas City

Week 4:

OFFENSE: Los Angeles Chargers
DEFENSE: New Orleans Saints
Weeks #1-3
Offence: BAL, BUF, KC
Defense: WAS, DAL, NE

Week #4
Offence: Philadelphia Eagles
Defense: San Francisco 49ers
Score: +55

Used -
Off - WAS, BUF, KC
Def - CAR, DAL, NE

Week 4:
Offense - Philadelphia
Defense - San Francisco
Continuning to do it the hard way and hoping @Deamon follows suit.
Endeavoring to not repeat picks for OR again a team...
It will be fun to watch me drop in the standings as the season goes on.

37 + (41- 3) = +75

Previous Weeks
O Against: HOU, LV, CHI
D Against: ARI, JETS, TEN

Week 4:
Offense: Philadelphia (vs Washington)
Defense: New Orleans (vs Tampa Bay)


OFF: Chargers, Bills, Vikings
DEF: Commanders, Cowboys, Patriots

OFF: Dolphins
DEF: Chiefs
Off - Miami, Buffalo, Minnesota
Def - Washington, Denver, Cleveland

Week 4:
Offense - LA Chargers
Defense - New Orleans
OFF: Chargers, Bills, Vikings
DEF: Commanders, Cowboys, Patriots

OFF: Dolphins
DEF: Chiefs

Duplicating teams you go against @Deamon ?


J/k GB


Haha ya, what you're doing is far too complicated for me lol.

But props to you for doing it. And of course tsk tsk to those doubling up on a team as always.

I am being punished with early success now that I have taken on this untenable strategy lol.

These aren't even the tough weeks yet that is the funny part.

Used on offense. Chargers, Bills, Vikings
Used on defense. Ravens, Broncos, Cowboys

Week 4 offense - Jaguars
Week 4 defense - 49ers
Previously Used
Offense: SEA, BUF, MIA
Defense: MIN,DEN, DAL

Week 4:
Offense: Texans
Defense: Jaguars

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