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2023 Team Defense & Defense by Committee Thread (1 Viewer)

SF ****ed me in the most layup of layup games. 3rd string QB, not even on the roster. Disgruntled team. No reason to play. Best defense in the NFL. Get me -4 in a money week.

I hate fantasy football.
So Saints at Philadelphia and the Lions were the best plays of the week for the Championship Game

Well, of course…who didn’t see that coming?
SF ****ed me in the most layup of layup games. 3rd string QB, not even on the roster. Disgruntled team. No reason to play. Best defense in the NFL. Get me -4 in a money week.

I hate fantasy football.

The season long points leader in my league averaged 12.25 more (155.47-143.22) than the second best total points team

He’s on his way to a sub-90 Week and will lose the Championship Game by more than 40

Neat hobby
OK.......which 2022 current "bottom tier" defense will surprise and be a top tier STUD defense in the 2023 season?
I find it amusing when teams pick up defenses to stash after the season is over, knowing that defense scoring varies from year to year.
Cleveland Browns training camp preview: Has the defense improved?


Most impactful offseason addition: Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

The Browns made several aggressive moves to upgrade a defense that underwhelmed last season. They signed safety Juan Thornhill and defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson in free agency; they also traded for Pro Bowl pass-rusher Za'Darius Smith. But Cleveland’s most impactful addition could prove to be Schwartz, who’s been tasked with turning around a defense that ranked 19th in efficiency in 2022.

Schwartz hasn’t been shy about his plans. He’ll be sending at least five pass-rushers on almost every snap. And he’ll be asking his talented cornerback trio of Denzel Ward, Martin Emerson Jr. and Greg Newsome II to hold up in man coverage. The goal? Create far more sacks, tackles for loss and turnovers than the Browns have produced in recent seasons. Under Schwartz, Cleveland is hoping that forcing negative plays will soon be its hallmark.

Rick has been a Lions stan, good to see him support his brother.

Detroit is a pretty good pick for a sleeper DT this year IMO, though you probably don't want to start using them until Week 3. Historically bad Weeks 1-8, they gave up 20.2 PPG the last ten, which was good for 15th. Made a lot of great additions to the back end.

DL: Hutchinson is about to make a year 2 leap. He's stronger, twitchier, added a couple moves. Hired a personal chef and was able to focus his workouts better since he didn't need to prepare for the Combine. Charles Harris is healthy again, will GREATLY improve their ability to set the edge on run D. Josh Paschal is another guy coming off injury and drawing rave reviews. On the inside Alim McNeil - who had 10 pressures at NYG last year - has transformed his body; lost 13% body fat but still carrying 325, leaner, more bend, he's going to be a problem. Rookie Brodric Martin is raw but could be very disruptive. Lot of good depth here (Onwuzurike, Cominsky, Buggs.)

LB - Derrick Barnes is having a great camp but it will be hard to keep Jack Campbell off the field. Anzalone is back at Will and wears the green dot, last year's rookie sensation Malcolm Rodriguez may end up mostly being a STer bc the room has gotten so much better. Last year's breakout, James Houston IV, will reprise his pass rush specialist role but they're trying to expand him as a Sam.

CBs - three big signings, steal in the draft, and lights out UDFA. Cam Sutton came over from the Steelers on a 3 year and will be the lead CB. Jerry Jacobs will man the other side, at least until Emmanuel Moseley (FA fm 49ers) finishes rehab. The big addition of course was CJ Gardner-Johnson, who will be starting alongside Kerby Joseph at S (with Tracy Walker coming off achilles backing up....he's healthy again, but a year ago he was the Lions unquestioned DB room leader...brand new Lions, he's on the bench.) Slot corner will likely be rookie Brian Branch (Alabama) who is having an amazing camp, big plays every day. They have so much versatility amongst this group, great chess pieces who can play multiple roles. This is the best defensive backfield Detroit has had since back when Slay and Diggs were here. EDIT - forgot about Starling Thomas V (UAB.) Was the first UDFA they signed, 4.3 speed, looked great at the Shrine Bowl vs Zay Flowers. Dude has been balling out every day. Probably just a gunner this year but if they have injuries, telling ya, kid is going to be special. He is like sticky rice, you can't get him off ya. The whole defensive backfield is a mood, these guys are going to drive other teams crazy.

They're going to play a very aggressive style, with a lot of Cover 0 and heavy on third down blitzes. Live or die, that's their plan. I expect to see them give up some chunk plays but for fantasy purposes I love it bc they'll be a lot of sacks, turnovers and disruption. You'll rarely see Detroit play the quarters-quarter half Fangio-style that has infected half the league (keep everything in front of you); this is very much a reflection of the identity MCDC wants. Controlled aggression.

Yo, they got some dudes.
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Revamped defense named Eagles' biggest flaw entering the season

Eagles Defense Needs To Replace Key Contributors From Last Season

NFL Rookie Watch
Jalen Carter was reportedly the “star” of the defense at the Eagles joint practice with Cleveland today.Carter reportedly recorded 2 sacks, a tackle for loss, a fumble recovery, and a QB hit that nearly caused an interception.Carter also reportedly “pancaked” Joel Bitonio (Browns All-Pro Guard) during 11-on-11.Fletcher Cox (Eagles DT) notes recently that it’s fun to see Carter go out there and “destroy” people.How did the Eagles rookie DT slip past the TOP-5

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