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2023 Week 1 Injuries (1 Viewer)

Amari Cooper down on the field having leg (calf?) looked at.

ETA: Walking off now.

ETA2: Back in and caught a pass.
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for IDP - D.White down holding his right thigh, being attended to.

Edit - back in on the Addison TD...
Anthony Richardson down on the field.

ETA: On his feet walking off. Minshew in for at least a play.
Saw on Redzone - Mike Williams down. Collided with a LB. Any information from someone watching?
Saw a replay and it was almost like he was setting a pick and got demolished. Laid on the ground for a bit motionless. Concussion? He got jacked up
Jakobi Myers down on the field. Maybe a Hard to tell, went to commercial but it looked like he wasn't moving.

ETA: being helped off the field, probably entering the concussion protocol

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