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2023 WSL Sign-Up Thread (1 Viewer)


Rules: Player Scoring:Passing TDs = 6 pts

Rushing/receiving TDs = 6 pts

1 pt per 20 yards passing

1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving

1 pt per reception (QB/RB/WR)

2 pt per reception (TE)

Kicker Scoring:3 pts per FG, 1 pt per XPT

Defense Scoring:

Points Allowed

0 = 5 points

1-6 = 3 points

7-13 = 1 point

14+ = 0 points

Total Yards Allowed

0-199 = 5 points

200-249 = 3 points

250-299 = 1 point

300+ = 0 points

Sack = 1 point

INT/Fumble Recovery = 2 points

Safety = 2 points

TD (inc. ST) = 6 points

Roster info:20 rounds of drafting

No trading of picks

No trading of players

No free agent pick ups

Serpentine drafting.

No submission of rosters.

Each week 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK and 1 Def/ST will be maximized for your weekly score.

6 hour clock (including both picks at the ends).

Clock is off from 12 midnite until 8 am, all EST times.

Miss you pick in the first round and you'll be moved to the 16 spot. Miss it again in the first round and you'll be replaced.

If you miss a pick your clock is cut in half. You can make up your pick at any time. If you miss two picks and haven't made them up when you come back on the clock for a third time, you'll be replaced. If your replaced, you will be suspended from further participation in these leagues at my discreation. If you have to bail due to circumstances beyond your control, at least let us know. I reserve the right at my discreation to make a pick for you if I feel the intregrity of the draft will be impacted. After the last pick of the draft is made (or the clock expires) everyone has 8 hours for any make-up picks.

Clock is on during weekends. Find a sub or pm a list if you'll be gone for an extended time.

Plan on this draft lasting 4 weeks. Don't signup if your expecting it to be faster. If you sign up I expect you to meet your commitment or find someone who will. If you bail you'll sit out the balance of these drafts for this year.

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