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24 Team, IDP, Salary Cap Starter League Looking for 3 More Owners (&#0 (1 Viewer)


This is a 24 team, IDP, Salary Cap starter league. We have a total of 27 teams in the league and 20 owners have paid their entry fee for the season. We are waiting for the rest of the owners to fulfill their financial requirements ASAP but we’ve been waiting for the past few days. Now, it’s time to move forward and allow other hungry hardcore owners the chance to buy-in to the league based first come first basis. We will kick our slow auction draft on Saturday, 24 September.

Check out our league promo video http://youtu.be/_XfDMP6VYf0

Total Points Leader (Regular Season): —> $200.00
Two Conference Championship Runner-Ups (3rd and 4th place): $200.00 each —————> Total of $400.00

SuperBowl Runner-Up (2nd place): ————> $500.00
SuperBowl Champion (1st place): —————-> $1,900.00 (Plus championship trophy)

*LeagueSafe will be used to hold all funds.

Resource Links:
League URL: http://www26.myfanta...13/home/66554#0
Website: http://www.thuglifesports.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThugLifeSports
Facebook: https://www.facebook...454222247999743
Youtube: http://www.youtube.c.../ThugLifeSports
Live Radio Show: http://www.blogtalkr...thuglifefantasy

To sign up or to ask any questions you may have please send email to : thuglifesports@gmail.com

Am i missing something in the scoring or did the arizona punter really score as much as calvin johnson last year in this scoring model?

Bump! We only need 2 owners ready to pay! Let me know if you are interested: thuglifesports@gmail.com

Bump! We are seeking 1 last owner that can join tonight and make their entry fee payment. Let me know if you are interested?

We currently have 23 teams that are paid up and ready to rock-n-roll for our auction draft on Saturday. We need one more owner who is willing to pay their entry fee in the next 24-hours to join so we can 24 teams. If not, I will have to cut an owner from the league and have 22 teams. Let me know if you are interested? This is an extremely unique league that is pushing the boundaries of fantasy football with our various initiatives along with actively managing your roster. Check out the links in this thread to get a feel for some of our initiatives that includes live radio shows, weekly magazines/publications, and documentaries for behind the scenes activities, owner interviews, and matchup previews. Check us out if you are seeking a realistic/futuristic approach to fantasy football.

If you are interested, hit me at thuglifesports@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invite right away.


Final bump! Need one! hit me up at thuglifesports@gmail.com or on twitter @thuglifesports

Draft tomorrow!


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