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24 Team, IDP, Salary Cap Starter League. WE need 5 more Owners (&#036 (1 Viewer)


We are looking for 5 more hardcore active owners to be part of our 24 Team Auction/Salary Cap Starter/Contract League. We are committed to making owning a team as close to being as realistic to a real NFL team/owner as possible by incorporating such challenges as: both offensive and defensive players, making key decisions on your game day lineups as to which different offensive and defensive schemes you will use against your opponent(s). Our league also incorporates a 53-man roster (with coach), team salary cap, player contracts, and cap penalties for releasing a player before his contract expires. Plus More!!!!

We also deliver various media activities on a weekly basic including a live radio show held 3-times weekly, a magazine publication with write-ups on each team weekly, and a live video conference chats that are delivered on Sunday morning. Additionally, we utilize our social media accounts such facebook and twitter to discuss league matchups and bring transparency. This is not like those other leagues such Yahoo Fantasy, ESPN, or NFL Fantasy Football; this is the MOST active and realistic league you will ever participate in. This is for people who are true DIEHARDS, Its time consuming and you need to do your homework and be up to the latest on all players
and positions. !!

Check out our league promo video http://youtu.be/_XfDMP6VYf0

TLS Expert League Overview

  • Funds held at Leaguesafe.com
  • Live weekly radio show (3 nights per week) – Team Owner Interviews
  • 5-headed governing body panel – Promote Checks/Balances, High-level decisions
  • Slow, online auction draft
  • 24 teams, 2 conferences, 6 divisions
  • 53 single player rosters, 1 coach, 10 man taxi squad, 10 man Injured Reserve
  • Offensive formations to determine fantasy lineup requirements
  • Manage player holdouts & retirements, apply franchise and transition tags to your players
  • 21 starters, balanced between offensive position and defense for realism
  • Annual rookie-only draft occurring soon after the NFL draft
  • Annual Free Agent Auction and blinding bidding waivers
  • Sign players off opposing franchises practice squad for a price
Entry Fee: $149.95

Total Points Leader (Regular Season): —> $200.00
Two Conference Championship Runner-Ups (3rd and 4th place): $200.00 each —————> Total of $400.00

[SIZE=12pt]SuperBowl Runner-Up (2nd place): ————> $500.00
SuperBowl Champion (1st place): —————-> $1,900.00 (Plus championship trophy)

*LeagueSafe will be used to hold all funds.

[SIZE=12pt]Resource Links:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]League URL:[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] http://www26.myfanta...13/home/66554#0
Website: http://www.thuglifesports.com/[/SIZE]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThugLifeSports
Facebook: https://www.facebook...454222247999743
Youtube: http://www.youtube.c.../ThugLifeSports
Live Radio Show: http://www.blogtalkr...thuglifefantasy

[SIZE=12pt]To sign up or to ask any questions you may have please send email to : thuglifesports@gmail.com[/SIZE]

Please send invite to me and my friend asap



we are really into fantasy football college and professional active and knowledgeable owners 31 years old and we both have commished and played for sometime. We would be a very great addition to your leagues standards and retention

We need 4 more owners! This is a very fun interactive league - with tons of league activities (radio shows, magazines, video chats, polls)! You will enjoy participating in this league. Fee free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments on the league thuglifesports@gmail.com

Sent you an email a bit earlier, haven't heard anything yet. Just want to confirm that I am interested.

We still only need 1 more owner. Hit me up if you are interested: thuglifesports@gmail.com

Our draft starts on Sunday!

We are full but taking on more owners if you can pay your entry fee TODAY. Currently we have 14 teams paid up and ready to go! The next 9 that can pay their entry fee TODAY will have a spot in this league. Our slow auction draft starts tomorrow at noon.

E-mail me if you are interested in locking in to the league -- thuglifesports@gmail.com

If you are looking for a great league don't pass this up. Very knowledge owners, very competitive league! Lot of league activities! We are 24 teams full but taking on more owners if you can pay your entry fee TODAY. This is a first come-first system! Currently we have 17 teams paid up and ready to go! The next 7 owners that can pay their entry fee of $150 TODAY will have a spot in the league.

E-mail me if you are interested in locking in to the league -- thuglifesports@gmail.com


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