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24 team NFL Money League (1 Viewer)


Currently in need of 2 owners going in to the first off-season of my 24 team NFL Money league, Two Minute Warning. 

Entry fee is $35 but we pay 2 years in advance so $70 is required when joining and then each additional season, you just pay the regular $35 to go to the following seasons' fee.

This is a dynasty league using salaries and IDPs

League boards: http://dynastysportshq.com/forum-455.html

League rules: http://dynastysportshq.com/forum-456.html

Currently we have the BC Lions and Lombardi's Legion available (you can opt to change the team name):

BC Lions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UGFmoLPkzZrUsr3X85w5OTtfcDZwfpPT7ft9Cz5fvzY/edit#gid=471221746 (team does not have a pick before the 4th round in the rookie draft this year)

Lombardi's Legion: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UGFmoLPkzZrUsr3X85w5OTtfcDZwfpPT7ft9Cz5fvzY/edit#gid=708629459 (holds the 14th pick in the rookie draft)

Email me at billymarkowitz@gmail.com if interested.


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