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$25 and $50 NFL Survival Pools, $100 NFL Pick 5 games against the spread contest, sign up today! (1 Viewer)


I have started my 2022 NFL Survival $25 and $50 pools along with me $100 Pick 5 against the spread games on Runyourpool.com and Leaguesafe.com!

Here is information about both games, if interested contact Brian Harwood at brian.harwood@twc.com.

Best of luck this season,

Here is the info:

NFL $25 and $50 Survival Pools:

The annual $25 Survival pool is back and ready to roll on Runyourpool.com! I have decided to start a second pool for $50 as well! Win and advance to next week, lose and you are out! Pick one team each week to WIN!

$3,500 was awarded to last year's $25 Survival Pool winners!

You may do multiple entries for each contest!

Click this link here to enter the $25 Survival Pool: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4066075/sbffc-25-survival-pool

Click this link here to enter the $50 Survival Pool: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4066079/sbffc-50-survival-pool


Join the NFL Pick 5 Game against Spread contest today!​

Hello there, NFL bettors, gamblers, and pick em ' fans, Here is the information for the NFL Pick 5 game against spread contest, sign up today!

Welcome to the NFL Pick 'em Pool! Buy in is $100 for picking five games against the spread from Weeks 1-18 of the NFL season.

Prize payouts to be determined with everyone pays, LeagueSafe will be the avenue of payment.

Website for pick scoring: To be released to owners once they pay for the contest, on Runyourpool.com

Website for payment: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4062999/sbffc-nfl-pick-em-pool-2022

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