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$25 || LeagueSafe || Sleeper || 12 Team || 0.5 PPR || Auction Redraft [9/4 @ 8:30 PM EST] || FAAB (1 Viewer)


Hi there!  The Gridiron Games Fantasy League is currently in its fifth year and is searching for four members to round out our 12 team auction redraft league.  The draft is scheduled for Saturday, September 4th at 8:30 PM EST on Sleeper.



-12 Teams

-0.5 PPR

-Auction Draft ($300 Budget) (Redraft)

-Free Agent Auction ($200 Budget, Continuous Waivers)

-$25 Entry Fee via LeagueSafe (Majority Approval Payouts)

-4 Team Playoff (Weeks 16 & 17) (No Divisions)

-No Trade Review


-1 QB

-2 RB

-3 WR

-1 TE



-1 IR


1st Place --> $120

2nd Place --> $60

3rd Place --> $45

4th Place --> $40

5th Place (Consolation Bracket Winner) --> $35

If you would like to join, just send me an email at charliesgamemail@gmail.com.  I'll send you the invites to the Sleeper and LeagueSafe pages from there.

Hope to see you this season!



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