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$25 NFL Pick Em League...Pick Every Game All Season All the Way t (1 Viewer)



I am running an NFL Pick Em league for the entire 2013 season. The league is on Yahoo and we will be using Leaguesafe to hold the funds. SINCE WE ARE USING LEAGUESAFE THERE WILL BE NO PAY OUTS UNTIL AFTER THE SEASON!!! LEAGUESAGE DOES NOT ALLOW FOR IN SEASON PAY OUTS!!!

The league will run as follows...Each player picks every game on the NFL schedule against the spread each week starting Week 1 and ending with the Super Bowl. After making their picks each week each player will then rank their picks using confidence points. The confidence points will only be used as a tiebreaker if 2 or more teams finished tied for the best record in a given week. The winner is the player with the best record not the most points.

Cost is $25 and will be distributed as follows...$1 goes to the winner of each week of the regular season, $5 goes to the overall regular season champoin(best record...not most points Weeks 1-17), $3 goes to the Playoffs winner(Weeks 18-21). So if there are 25 people in the pool everyone would be playing for $25 per week, $125 overall best record and $75 NFL Playoffs best record.

Anyone interested please contact me at astainbrook35@gmail.com or leave your e-mail address here for an invite.

I am just starting to get things together for this season but last year we had 30($750). We should have at least that many again this year if not more.

i have a dynasty auction IDP league that is starting at 7am Friday until Tuesday of next week

send me your email in interested

mfl and league safe ran

league name is

The next level Dynasty gms IDP



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