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$25 NFL Pools (Survivor & Pick Em) - LeagueSafe (1 Viewer)


Email me at sameer.haji23@gmail.com if you have any questions. Sign up below if you're interested in either pool.

$25 Survivor Pool

Register at https://www.runyourpool.com/join/?id=277932&p=qgtpdi 

Payments collected via LeagueSafe - https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4039638

$25 per entry. No max entry limit

How to play: Each pool member chooses one NFL team each week. Picks are made "straight up", not using a point spread system. If their pick is correct, they survive until the next week. An incorrect pick eliminates the player from the pool for the remainder of the season. Each member can only use a specific team once for the entire season. The goal is to be the last member standing at the end of the season. 


1st - 100% of pot

Split pots can be offered at any point and will only happen if all remaining parties agree. Please use the Forum on RunYourPool to offer a split pot.

Total pot size calculated after commissioner fees (2%)

$25 Pick Em Pool

Register at https://www.runyourpool.com/join/?id=277933&p=fxlcpe

Payments collected via LeagueSafe - https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4039645

$25 per entry. No max entry limit

How to play: Pick the spread for every game each week from week 1 until week 18. 1 point for each correct pick. 


1st - 50% of pot
2nd - 20% of pot
3rd - 10% of pot

Weekly high scores - 20% of pot total / 18 weeks

Total pot size calculated after website fees and commissioner fees (2%)


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