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$250 Slow Draft starting Aug 15th (1 Viewer)

MFL. 12 Teams. 100% payback minus mfl fee. PPR

3rd round reversal draft.

$250 Entry Fee
1st place $1410

2nd place $700

3rd pace $400

Points Leader$400  **

**Regulat Season Points Leader after week 13

ALL RULES AND PAYOUTS can be found by clicking "Reports" at top, then "Rules", and then clicking "League Settings". Once you click "League Settings", scroll down for all rules and payouts.

I am waiting to hear from owners who are returning. Please respond with your email if you would like an invite once I see who is not coming back.

Here is link http://www76.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/67450#0

I can be emailed at kellyt8513@gmail.com

I will probably be starting at $500 slow draft as well if interested.


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