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28 team, 2 copy, Superflex auction. 20% off ++ (1 Viewer)


**Get in for $40. (This is 20% off 1st year dues)**
**Deposit that allows for trading of picks/auction money 1 year into future, already paid**
**Year 3 of the league. Larger prize pool to come in year 5**
** mid 2nd worth of comp auction $ in 2020 auction**

League Overview
* 28 teams , 2 copies of players
* 22 player rosters; 3 man taxi squad; 3 IR
* 10 player lineups
* Annual rookie/free agent auction
* Annual off season dispersal draft.
* 100% payouts, less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx.
* Holdover of approximately 10% of prize money every year in order to have a super pool for the top cumulative TPS owners every 5 years.
*Beer themed league

league link-http://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/62142#0uleslink-
scoring link -
http://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2019/o ... 62142&O=09
dispersal assets-
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... p=drivesdk

2019 Dispersal Dispersal Auction
*There will be a 7 owner 2019 Dispersal Auction. Each owner will pay $40 to leaguesafe, which is 80% of one years buyin. They will inherit the previous owner's $50 deposit, which allows for trading of picks/auction money one year into the future as well as incentive discounts for new owners
*After the 7 spots have been filled and paid, we will begin the auction. The auction will have an 18 hour clock with proxy bidding. I will adjust the clock accordingly, if needed and if it doesn’t negatively affect any of the owners in the auction.

*All teams will begin with their own full set of 2020 rookie picks. At the beginning of the 2020 season, the new owners who buy back in, will receive an extra mid 2nd's worth of auction money, $200.
2019 rookie picks/$ is included in dispersal along with players.
3 active roster QB maximimum.


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