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2nd Chance League (1 Viewer)

Coin Flip

If your season isnt going quite like you hoped or if your just looking to try something mid-year sign up for the league below and give yourself a chance to win a league with a low fee. MFL has allowed us to use the 2nd chance leagues without charge. Rules are below but pymt MUST BE VIA PAYPAL as I would like to start this for Sundays games this week (week 7)

Second Chance Bums League


12 Man rosters------ 2 QB 3RB 4WR 1 TE 1K 1D

No draft needed you will pick from all NFL players weekly to set your roster. I.E. all 12 teams can pick Steven Jackson if they would want. We will set these rosters like this for weeks 7 thru 14 and play double headers which means the best record in the league would be 16-0 if you won each and every week. Our playoffs will begin week 15 and go through week 17 so when all your other leagues have wrapped up the year you will have a reason to watch and play week 17 if your in the playoffs. We can use week 17 because of the way our lineups are set we can avoid those players that might sit week 17 in the NFL and choose players who are in the "make it or break it " playoff run games in the NFL.

6 Teams make the playoffs----3 div winners and 3 teams with next highest VPs (tie breaker Total Points or see our league rule set up page) Playoffs will no longer use VPs but H2H matchups to determine if you move on. Bye weeks awarded to the 2 highest VP teams (or see tiebreakers)

1 PPR H/P scoring (already set please see scoring setup)

Fee $26.50 Payouts based on $25.00 payout (the 1.50 is for the paypal fees) 1st place $200 2nd place $50 3rd place $50

Idea behind the payouts is if your in the Championship game and lose you still get $50 and the winners between teams 3 and 4 also get $50 so you win more than you paid in if your one of the 3 teams to win.

I can vouch for Coin Flip that he is a stand up commissioner as I am in two of his dynasty leagues and have previously been in a redraft he ran. Quick payout, and competitive leagues.



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