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2nd year FREE ESPN Dynasty 12 team league orphan team available - Already drafted (1 Viewer)


2nd year FREE ESPN Dynasty 12 team league. We already drafted and one manager was a no show, so his team is now available. Here are a few of the details of the league.

Superflex - OP position
No Kicker
D/ST slightly deflated scoring
0.4 PPR
12 keepers per team

Highlights of available team:
QB: D Prescott, G Smith, T Tagovailoa
RB: N Harris, JK Dobbins, D Montgomery, C Patterson
WR: AR St. Brown, CD Lamb, C Ridley, D London, D Mooney, T Boyd, OBJ
TE: T Higbee, Z Ertz

League ID - 325195300

DM or reply below if interested.
Who did he draft this year. With 12 keepers and 16 players. It seems like some would have been rookies.

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