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2nd year YAHOO Dynasty PPR League Needs owner to take team (1 Viewer)


My 2nd year YAHOO dynasty PPR League needs an owner to take over a leaving owner from 2012.

The team has the 8th pick (non-snaking) in the free agent/rookie draft, 8 rounds this season. Keep 10 players, no restrictions, from the following players:


Peyton Manning
Pierre Garcon
Cecil Shorts
- Mikel Leshoure
Martellus Bennett
- Eric Decker
Michael Crabtree
Bryce Brown
- Greg Jennings
Brandon Myers
- Danny Amendola
Rob Gronkowski
Rashard Mendenhall

St. Louis
- Cleveland
- Team buy in is $150 or best offer. This is a PPR league, start 9 players in your lineup. If want more information, email brian.harwood@twc.com today!


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