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2QB League - Trade with QB Needy Team (1 Viewer)


One of the teams in my 2QB league (.5ppr) lost Aaron Rodgers and I was able to scoop up Zach Wilson (as a 4th QB) so he is now stuck with Carr and Mayfield, with no QBs on waiver. In 2 weeks Mayfield is on bye so he is in a rough spot and asked about trading for Zach Wilson so can play 2 QBs on byes and have a safety net. I have no plan to ever play Wilson (I have Herbert/Fields/Purdy), but I figure this is a good opportunity to take advantage of a desperate situation. I know Wilson is a bottom tier QB, but he may be willing to pay up due to lack of options.

My Team (also see image):
QB: Herbert/Fields/Purdy/Wilson
RB: CMC/Stevenson/Pierce/R. Johnson
WR: Keenan Allen/Lockett/DJ Moore/Addison
TE: Freiermuth/Hunter Henry
IR: Kyler Murray and Jonathan Taylor

His Team (also see image):
QB: Carr/Mayfield
RB: Jacobs/Swift/Hubbard/Kamara (Suspended 1 more game)
WR: Jefferson/Garrett Wilson/Pickens/M. Thomas/J. Meyers
TE: Andrews/Goedert

Tight End is probably my biggest weakness, so I could try to nab Goedert for Wilson and one of my TEs. Goedert has been awful so far, but he still has more upside than my two guys. I could also try to nab Kamara before he comes off suspension, but his RB depth is terrible and mine isn't great unless Jonathan Taylor gets traded/decides to play in a few weeks. Or I could let him sweat it out another week or two when he absolutely needs someone.

Any thoughts? Maybe I just wait until he actually needs one to play.
well, if hes gonna buy, hes more likely to do it when there is a need. whether he will pay your asking price (or not) may be another matter.
for you there is the cost of holding him as that spot becomes a dead spot on your roster. this time of year there are usually players still to be had on the wire so you may lose out on those if you wait.

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